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  1. What about the interest structure? Surely they can’t say it’s on capital repayment even though I seem to have paid nothing in capital?
  2. Always paid on time, just couldn’t believe my balance had gone up! Made a complaint, they said not upheld so have gone to ombudsman for a view, but just wondered if anyone else had experience of whether their interest structure could constitute an extortionate credit bargain. Used them on broker advice...and terms of mortgage offer are really quite vague in relation to interest rebates on early redemption
  3. The benefit of hindsight-so far I have paid them over 18k and just requested a settlement as I’m finally in a position to remortgage, which is 4.5k more than I borrowed, despite paying 18k back! I took the loan out in 2017....
  4. Does anyone have any experience with what constitutes an extortionate credit bargain? I cannot believe the terms of my homeloan with oplo can be legal
  5. Hi all so in the weeks coming up to the hearing I chased the court regularly for updates, as they hadn’t sent any of the documents the court order set out or sent a witness statement. I half hoped they had decided to let it go unrepreesented but surely enough they had instructed a solicitor who was there complete with witness statement and all documents! Winness statement hadnt been prepared until day before the hearing and court didn’t have anything on file either, but judge allowed oral representations for relief to allow the evidence to be included or
  6. Hi all, quick update! Struck out at hearing! Thank you for all ur help x
  7. Is there anything fundamentally missing Andy? I know I should have got it checked but I had to submit it really quickly as I waited for the other sides evidence, but it still wasnt forthcoming. I’ve still not had anything from them and neither has the court.....
  8. its Been submitted so I can’t amend it, but can obviously put forward verbal submissions to support?
  9. I am following the instructions, I’m just rubbish at anything technical! Lol 25-11-2019, 19:34 Office Lens.pdf Can dx and Andy point out anything obvious I have missed? X
  10. They are in the wrong order 25-11-2019, 19:32 Office Lens.pdf
  11. That’s helpful DX, I assumed that someone would have had to go to the trouble of making the payment, which seems at odds with the fact they haven’t bothered to submit anything to me or the court!
  12. That’s what I believe, however erudio seem to be playing a funny game, paying the hearing fee but not actually producing evidence that directions told them too! If if the judge won’t consider the email, would you make an application and pay the fee?
  13. I asked the court how it could be possible that they should be allowed to proceed if they didn’t comply with directions, they told me to email and they would put it before the judge. Shouldn’t I have done that?
  14. Apologies, I had been locked out after changing my phone! so still no service of documents by erudio, but they have paid the hearing fee!! I submitted my witness statement on time in accordance with directions, so really no idea what is happening!! I have today emailed the court and asked the judge for a point of clarification. That is should they be allowed to proceed to hearing if they have not complied with the directions to produce evidence? If if the judge won’t consider it, then I don’t know whether I should submit a formal application to g
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