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  1. Thank you for your reply. Just an update - I went direct to customer service, who weren't totally happy - they spoke with the Service Manager, who then spoke to me. Apparently I have to pay £150.00 to have the gearbox dropped. They then assess the vehicle (clutch/flywheel) and come back with a solution. It either fails a). It's a parts fault from when the "new clutch" was fitted in December b). It wear and tear If it's a). they will fix, but I am still £150.00 down If it's b). I can attempt customer service again who will speak with sales, or walk away - still £150.00 down. He did say the strength in my approach is that I have raised this twice upon collecting the car, however defends his mechanics for not noticing the fault. I am 100% certain the noise has not got worse since I brought it in, but hey, they know better. The Service Manager also states it does sound like a part-warranty, which gives me confidence - however it's the initial £150.00. Could this be claimed back? Should it be claimed back? Personally (business aside), I feel let down and led astray. He threw a dig in for not extending warranty, but my response is I was advised the clutch has 12months - silence. Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Morning all, Hopefully some kind soul could advise on where to turn from here? I purchased a Hyundai i40 back in December, 2018 off of Arnold Clark. The car had a new clutch, allegedly, fitted prior to me collecting the vehicle and I was advised there is a 12 month warranty on the clutch itself. I noticed some issues over the few days of taking the vehicle away, and it was returned twice (December & January) for concerns with the clutch. On both occasions, I was fobbed off. Unfortunately there was a loss within the family and my attention was drawn elsewhere, so it wasn't until June I chased the sales rep via email, ignored, phone calls, unreturned. Last week I took my car for an MOT and the mechanic gave me friendly advice regarding the clutch; it's "screwed". So with that, I took it to Halford's for their free clutch test deal; same outcome. Last Wednesday I contacted Arnold Clark, informed them of this and it was scheduled in for a road test (Today at 8am). The Mechanic immediately noticed the issue I had been complaining about since day 1, and advised the gear box needs dropping etc. The Service Manager stated there is no 12 month warranty with the clutch, and that I have to pay £150.00 to have the gear box dropped and any costs that come with it. I challenged this, and the quickly stated that I have to still pay the £150.00, and they may be able to get Sales to front the remainder. There was no guarantee with this. I was somewhat annoyed, so informed them I'm not happy with the outcome and lack of certainty on what sales can do, so I left. I am lost on what I can do from here, if anything. I do have emails back and to regarding the clutch to Arnold Clark, but that's about it. Thanks
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