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  1. it's quoting the total outstanding amount of the 3 loans as the debt but then with a breakdown into the 3 separate years of the loan so - date of loan amount outstanding 18/4/94 £xxxxxx 24/2/95 £xxxxxx 10/6/96 £xxxxxx They are totally separate as far as I am aware though, the statements that Erudio send out come in 3 different envelopes
  2. Hi - thanks for responding. Same situation in that erudio have sent drydens after me and that we both had our loans terminated for lack of deferment forms. Also we both tried and failed to get the FOS involved. I hadn't twigged that my first loan [18/04/1994] has actually passed the 25 year mark. Do you think that's why they are getting pushy then? The termination letter states I have lost my 'right of cancellation of the debt if it has been outstanding for 25 years" but I guess the fact I haven't actually been over the threshold and can prove this if need be makes their claim more tenuous? I'm very happy to reply to the PAP as is suggested and haven't done a CCA yet either. Currently earn about £15,000 PA so i'm barely halfway to the threshold. Not sure I can add anything else. My case is pretty straightforward really, kept up with all my paperwork and changed addresses etc, messed it up a bit during a bad patch, ended up getting it terminated. Not very happy about it..... But not scared of them, certainly doesn't keep me awake at night. Righteous Indignation I think it's called.
  3. Hi -So I realise there's loads of info about this on here but I'm struggling to understand it and I keep running up against dead links to pages people are being directed to. Briefly - - I have 3 loans from 94/95/96. - Kept up with all my deferring until 2015 when I was having a bad time and got the loan terminated by erudio. - I have never earnt above the threshold at any point. - I've had Moorcroft and capquest on my case and managed to palm them off by asking too many questions and stating my case that i've never earn above the threshold. - I've now received a PAP from Drydens. I'm well within the 30 days - How should I proceed? Very confused by so many threads. Sincerest apologies for adding another one. Additional info - Last deferment was 2014 so not SB - Tried various appeals on compassionate grounds to erudio at the time. Not interested. Took it to the FOS - they didn't support me. - I think from what I can tell Drydens are trying a backdoor CCJ as capquest sent most of their correspondence to my partners house. Any help VERY gratefully received. ta
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