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  1. Oh right I see what you mean. Yes I will attach a note along with my statements and hopefully everything is okay. Do you know if these compliant checks they do are random or if they are for a reason?
  2. Thank you, yes I have more than 6k in savings but I told this to the lady on the phone when she rang. She advised that you’re allowed 6-16K in savings anything above that they will reassess your claim and you may have to pay back money to them. I just don’t want to be taken to court or anything so I’m a bit worried.
  3. I do have proof that it went to my landlord via bank transfer. Can DWP gain access to my bank records? I’m just wondering if I would be allowed to claim that I pay £800 rent when I have already paid it off? I only put that so I could make back the money I paid from my savings whilst I was on UC as in hindsight it would’ve gone towards my rent. I feel so stressed and sick to my stomach - I’m not sure if I’m just overreacting or if it’s serious and they’re investigating me.
  4. Hi all I am wondering if anyone can help me, I received a letter from DWP saying that a compliance officer is going to call me for an interview - I was wondering if this is routine or random? I had the interview today and the lady on the phone (who was quite friendly) asked me questions about my savings and if I had any and how much I had etc. I truthfully answered the questions however she stated that I need to send in my savings statements from my banks. This is not an issue however one thing I’m concerned about is that I paid my landlord a bulk sum of rent from Sept 2020-Dec 2021 as with the pandemic etc, a few of my friends were getting kicked out of their rental homes therefore I wanted to ensure I had somewhere to live which was secure. I have been claiming to UC that I pay rent £800 month and they’ve been sending that however I’ve been using that as living money as I paid the rent in bulk already. On my statement it shows that I paid out 15k to my landlord in November 2020 (when I started claiming) however the money I’ve been getting from UC for my rent I have kept to put in place of the rent which I paid out. Does anybody know if this is allowed? Will I be penalised for this?
  5. Sorry everyone for the late reply. Been going through a family death and it has been very hectic the past few months. just wanted to update everyone.. I ended up ringing tfl prosecutions team a day before I was meant to go to court and I told the woman on the phone how I won’t be able to attend as I can’t take the day off work. The woman on the phone was so lovely and told me to email the court services and tell them my circumstances and ask them if the court can proceed in my absence. She also said that they don’t do out of court settlements anymore - which is easy to believe as there has of course been a massive rise in people caught with counterfeit cards. She then advised me that after looking at my case, emails and my mitigating circumstances it is likely that the court will just send a fine to my house with no criminal record. (of course she said that this is not 100% what will happen it is just what she THINKS will happen). 2 weeks later I got a letter in the post with a fine of around £600 and around 3 weeks to pay it. im very grateful that they decided to just fine me and not charge me with a record. thank you dx100uk and honeybee13 for all your help!!
  6. I would like to attend however I’m a trainee teacher and I am not allowed to take any days off and I’m also teaching. I also suffer from really bad anxiety and panic attacks so I’m scared of collapsing or something. do you think I can call IAP and say I understand over the phone?
  7. I did read the thread. Yes i appealed for OOC settlement through a letter however this was denied. could you please tell me what they are offering as I am unsure? thanks!
  8. Hello, not sure if anyone is still on this thread. I didn’t attend court as I was unavailable on the day I received another court date. On Monday I received this in the post. Can someone please tell me what it means as I find it very confusing. also I didn’t send the papers to court nor did I plead guilty so I’m not sure why they said that. thanks court letter.pdf
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! One of my friends got it for me so yes I assume that’s the way they did it. What shall i include in my letter? Should I mention my financial status and how I get no income support and the fact I am a nanny and could lose my job and my teacher training position? - I am only 21 so I hope they take this into consideration. I’m a bit confused - should I send the signed TICs with my guilty plead in AND write a letter asking for an OOC settlement too? Also, if I plead guilty on the summons does it mean I get a conviction which will show on records?
  10. Hello In April 2019 I was caught with a 16+ oyster on the bus. The card was taken I then received a letter in the post giving a chance to explain the incident. I explained how my friend got the card for me without me knowing that it was illegal to use. I also explained that I was on heavy medication for my depression and anxiety therefore it clouded my judgement. They then asked for more evidence on my medication to which then I provided. I have now received a letter in the post summoning me to court. It says “if you plead guilty or are found guilty of any offence(s) with which you have been charged you can, before any sentence is passed, admit all or any of the matter in the attached schedule, ask the court to take them into consideration, this in turn will result in NOT being subsequently charged with any of these matters.” I don’t know what to do, I am about to start my teacher training and I can’t have a criminal conviction. 1) Do you think I have a chance of settling out of court despite 81 offences? 2) If I plead guilty, sign the TIC’s and pay the fine will that lead to a conviction? Please help! I am really stressed out and I don’t know what to do!!
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