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  1. Hi DX I didnt write as nationwide record calls and also said its not neccessary as they blocked (supposedly) on the phone. How do I now cancel cpa then? Do I still need to write to Nationwide? Or is it ok now that nationwide have confirmed the block for paypal and the block from visa team to refuse requests from paypal?
  2. Hello Just found this on paypal website (uttterly shocked): Read your user agreement: 3. Funding Sources 3.1 Linking your Funding Source. You can link or unlink a debit card, a credit card, a pre-paid card (in certain cases), a bank account and/or PayPal Credit as a Funding Source for your Account. Please keep your Funding Source information current (i.e. credit card number and expiration date). If this information changes, we may update it at our sole discretion without any action on your part, according to information provided by your bank or c
  3. Hello again So just a brief update. A month ago I cancelled all bank direct debits and debit cards on file with paypal and explicitly stated to my bank Nationwide over the phone to ensure they block PayPal from making any deductions or payment requests. I since got a new debit card and have not logged into paypal since. Randomly I received an email from paypal yesterday stating that I made a payment of £1.00 to ebay. I couldn't understand how this could have happened if paypal don't have any payment details of mine. I logged into my bank app to confirm and s
  4. Hello Yes you are correct, only in debt on PayPal account. I withdrew the funds naturally when they came through. Regardless though, I do not want anyone chasing me for money or any sort of issue with debt collectors (which I have been told above doesnt happen with PayPal).
  5. Hello Thanks for your input. I will most certainly never be using paypal or ebay for that matter as this has been a horrible encounter (whilst not their fault entirely, its disgusting that these loop holes exist for fraudsters to exploit). I will contact EE and get them to block the device for me. Has anyone had any joy with the small claims court process? would it work in this instance?
  6. Hello Yes I did keep the imei number. I have not reported it stolen or anything as of yet, maybe I will do that now I just thought it should be sensible to wait for the dispute outcome first. If I did report it stolen who would I get to block the phone? This phone was new on sale so I never used it with my EE sim or anything. Also I did speak to a supervisor manager at paypal but she assured me my money would not recoverable unless I had a proof of delivery receipt. Not sure how I would reach the ceo of PayPal though...
  7. Hi thanks for the reassurance. Have you had any first hand experience with PayPal to know for sure they do not do court or sell debts on? Many thanks again for your help so far
  8. Many thanks for your quick response. I have already taken measures to stop PayPal removing the funds by cancelling my direct debit, blocking my debit card they have on file and ringing Nationwide (who I bank with) to explain the situation and asked them to ensure no money is debited by PayPal. They record phone calls so I am sure I am covered in that sense i guess. My issue is I still need to fight this case as PayPal will no doubt attempt to instruct debt collectors to try and retrieve the money from me.
  9. Hello all I am hoping someone has hada similar experience and could offer some help or guidance for me to get my money back from PayPal. The story is as follows: I am currently involved in a eBay/PayPal dispute regarding the sale of a Samsung Galaxy s10 PLUS mobile phone on eBay. My item was bought and paid for on eBay and through PayPal on 31st July 2019 for £925. The delivery method for this item was collection in person only and the person came and collected the device and left me positive feedback on eBay which stated “happy and collected”.
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