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  1. I was going to ask if they'd stoop so low as to actually use Hoist to keep contacting me but I'm guessing I already know the answer.. Is it actually worth me just playing along and sending Hoist a letter? If not to see which company they pass to next..
  2. Bit of a funny update: "We've acknowledged your recent communication and due to the information provided have made the decision to close this account on our files and return it to Hoist Finance Uk Holdings 2 Limited. We will pass any relevant documentation or information you have provided onto our client for them to deal with accordingly. Our client can be contacted at [....The same bloody address as us because we're the same bloody company]" What do they achieve by doing this? is it just a case of sending the exact same letter and replacing Robinsons wit
  3. Anything to slow them down really (Slow as in I'm guessing they'll never stop) Would it be worth sending the "Follow up letter where statute barred is still being pursued" from the library? I assume their last 'reduced plan' letter could be taken as ignoring my letter. Thanks again.
  4. That's what I thought until I received this letter, not even acknowledging what I sent. The offer/letter is titled Robinson Way, no other companies on there.
  5. Is there anything to watch out for? From what I've read about DCA's they will try anything.
  6. [Bit of an update] My SB letter to RW was sent a couple of weeks back and the first time hearing from this was with an indirect letter 'Help Available - Balance Reduction Offer' Not actually responding to my SB clam. "Please note where this account is recorded on your credit file and you pay by reduced settlement it will be updated as partially settled with a zero balance." - It's not recorded anywhere on my CRA as we know. Is this a standard letter they send or one thats predicable after a SB letter? Shall I expect an actual response to my SB letter or just a continual
  7. Hi guys, I finally got round to getting my SAR sorted from Santander, it shows (at least I think) that my last payment/letter to the company was in 2009. A few weeks back I had a doorstep visit (left card) from Resolve car and have been receiving one letter a month from Robinson Way. Since it's looking like the debt is over 6 years, is it worth me sending a letter to either of the above DCA's to (try) to prevent more letters/visits? My credit reports are clear and I have cleared my debts or at least I thought until the above agencies started sendin
  8. Hello thank you, I'll need to fish out the paperwork but will get it across. Is phoning Abbey/Santander and also updating them of my new address enough to save any 'backdoor' CCJ. I've been reading a lot and one thing that keep popping up is 'last known address' is this updated through the OC or DCA? Obviously I'd feel more comfortable with the OC but not sure how it works. if a debt is SB, is sending a DCA a SB letter with a new address at top considered updating them?
  9. Hello guys, I have a question which probably seems really stupid. I'm about to send a SAR to Abbey National/Santander for some old records of my account as I believe a debt to be over 6 years (I've just received a DCA letter after hearing nothing) I've got everything prepared to go and here's the silly part, is it OK for me to put my account and sort code on the top of the letter? I've got a list of old addresses when I was with Santander but didn't want to stray to far from the templates and give information which may or may not help me in the long run.
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