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  1. @rgaine - I am new to this and only joined the group at the weekend. I too have recently been sent PAP of which i have replied and ticket D & I and await a response. My question would be what are the next potential stages.....i.e they send documents back? I go back with? they send ..........etc The whole Squaddy summary judgement has made take this a bit more seriously.........or am i jumping to conclusions? Any advise is very much appreciated.....
  2. On what grounds would you suspend it on dx? I have read through the threads here and cant get my head around #103 - Is this a summary and not yet been enforced? ...did Squaddy not turn up at court?
  3. So what is enforceable and what isn't?
  4. Well i am completely confused now. Hundreds of threads on here says UAE is not enforceable in UK and now based on this does this now mean it is? Or does it mean that it was not challenged?
  5. I completely agree uaenomore - Its all Smoke and mirrors!
  6. I may be new on here which i think is an advantage when it comes to understanding scaremongering. Regrading cases - my interest would in the outcomes of UAE debt being successfully enforced by a claimant in the UK - however, going back to my original point - there is no objective information on here to demonstrate this as all goes silent.
  7. Chipz - I agree. Once its been to court there is no reason why people cant communicate the outcome.
  8. But why would it matter if they were watching. Its makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Persons participating within these forums have a right to express their own thoughts and advice - its is after all an ACTION GROUP. The only exception to this would be a breach of GDPR 2018.
  9. How can chatting within an open forum add claim costs - complete rubbish! Its freedom of speech - the power or right to express one's opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty!
  10. Thanks Dx - you seem to be the one that makes most sense on here.
  11. Hi All, Some great threads on here and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have also also received a PAP from Moriarty regarding ADCB, and after filtering though hundreds on replies on here (Moriarty, CWD, IDRWW etc), i have not come across one example of UAE debt being enforced the UK. Some members have indicated that they have been enforced. However, when asked to share details they go silent or avert the question. Any thoughts on this?
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