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  1. Thank you very much for that. I shall try to put the spreadsheet together tomorrow and write a covering letter. I'll update when I have posted.
  2. I just rang fos who confirmed time retail are still in business and to call them. The number I have for them no longer works so am trying to find another. Fos also said to contact ffcs if no joy direct from time.
  3. Thanks for replying. That is very encouraging however comet who I got the finance was have now gone bust! Not sure if time retail went the same way?
  4. Used this site a few years ago and had tremendous success reclaiming my bank charges however now I want to try to reclaim ppi from a time retail account that is 13 years old. I have all the statements but am getting mixed messages on whether I can proceed. Advice gratefully received.
  5. I haven't spent more than neccessary on clothing But I do always ensure my girls have everything they need. and as for leisure, the only thing I can remember is taking the kids to an AM (cheapest) cinema showing. Im going to have a proper look thru the statements now. Yes it's definately a tailored response.
  6. how is best of proceed from here? Thank you
  7. I have the letter. Here are some bits of it: 'your claim has been assessed in conjunction with cfs guidelines.'i regret your claim has not been accepted. The reason is your statements show higher than expected expenditure to various clothing retailers, leisure and entertainment as well as non essential household goods and services. The amounts seen are higher than cfs guidelines based on a family of your size and are not indicative of someone in financial difficulty or deemed essential expenditure.' your statements show you had financial commitment to debt repay. Whils
  8. Hi Slick don't like long processes so will follow your suggestion and take it to court. Was very hopeful after I put together my letter and very disappointed at their first decision. However I know from my last claims (back when claims were easier to do) that their first decision often changes. Thanks again to both of you for your support and advice
  9. I detailed the 'hardship' in the letter that led to the review. I I put all the facts, dates, concequences ie ccj's and final outcome ie struggling to pay for food etc. I think she said she had enclosed leaflets about managing debt.
  10. Thank you for your encouragement. Ombudsman looks like the next route, will wait till I get the letter. Thanks again
  11. I just had call from Barclays saying they have reviewed my case and won't be refunding the charges. I was called by the quietest woman ever and despite telling her how faint she sounded and asking her to repeat everything I failed to hear much of what she said apart from they won't be refunding me. She is sending a letter so hopefully that will shed more light.
  12. Thankyou for replying. I'll let u know how it progresses
  13. Its happened again! Too many charges on my account need to try and reclaim. Aware of the hardship clause and I do qualify. It's been a few years since I last done this abd this site has really changed, can't seem to find the info I'm after. I have statements so just need to compile the list of charges. I used a spread sheet last time which calculated interest, can I still use this or is there something more up to date? Thanks on advance for any help
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