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  1. Just another quick update. Hermes responded asking for photos of the item that went missing (the camcorder), and a description of the packaging, so they could conduct a full search of the local depot and the national hub, as it seemingly went missing after being scanned into the local hub, but they aren't sure if it left there, and got lost afterwards. I sent them the photo (guess they were hoping I wouldn't have one). They say they still can't find it at the local depot, and are waiting to hear from the national hub, and ask me to wait a little longer for them to conduct the searches. I know you said I should have proceeded with the letter before action before now, but I'm prepared to give them this time to conduct the searches, as even if I got the item back, I can draw a line and try to sell it again. However, I'm fully expecting them to say they still can't find it, then it's down whether they maintain their stance of refusing to compensate me for losing it (that they repeatedly admit to). If they do refuse again, I've decided I will proceed with the letter before action, with a copy of the MCOL form, and begin the proceedings to recover the cost. Quick question, should I post the letter/form to them and email a copy, or is an emailed copy of the signed letter sufficient as a record? Cheers MJ
  2. Quick updated on this. Nothing has happened so far through Resolver, other than Hermes customer services replying with a standard cut and paste reply asking me to submit a claim for the lost parcel, despite my initial case posting advising that a claim had already been refused, and why. I have to wait another 15 days before I can 'escalate' it through Resolver, if I decide to. I then found an email address for their CEO, who I emailed, stating my issue. I've had success with other companies in the past by contacting the CEO (Sky for one), so hoped that might be worth pursuing. I have today received a response from his office, again refusing my compensation claim, but asking for more details of the parcel and items inside, so they can carry out additional searches in attempt to locate the parcel. I have responded with a photos of the items, and a description of the packaging, but have advised of my intention to pursue this through the small claims courts should they fail to find the parcel and maintain their stance of refusing to compensate me for the value of the item + postage cost (£55.75 total). We'll see what comes back from this, but I have prepared my Letter Before Action, and filled in my MCOL form, ready to send, should they fail to find my item, or maintain their stance. Will update again as/when.
  3. Have read other threads, and just venting really, until I decide whether to take things further. Sold a camcorder (+ bag/accessories) on Gumtree, and received payment via Paypal to send it to the buyer in Wales. Bought postage on myHermes, and selected to have it signed for, and paid the extra to cover it up to its sale price of £50. During the process, I stated the item was a camera (its listed on the tracker info as a camera, but does not say that on the postage label), but at no point did it flag up that there was any issue with my postage. And thinking about it more, if a camera isn't eligible for loss or damage compensation, then why allow people to pay the extra for the increased cover? Dropped the parcel off at the parcelshop on 16/08/2019 and next I heard of it was when the buyer contacted about 5 days later asking if I'd posted it yet. So went on the tracker and it stated the parcel had been collected from the shop, and was at the 'senders local depot'. The MH FAQ's stated that I could raise a query about it until 7 working days had passed. So I rang them lunchtime 28/08/2019, and advised the parcel hadn't arrived at its destination. Guy on phone tried to rang the local depot as he said it either hadn't left yet, or was lost in transit. He'd get back to me in 24-48hrs with an answer either way. This morning, I received an email telling me that after an 'extensive investigation', the item was deemed to be lost. The email also had a claim form attached. So i fill in the claim form and submit. Within literally minutes, I receive a reply telling me that they won't be giving me compensation as 'camcorders' are on their exclusion list. I have now refunded my buyer through Paypal, as he had already waited 12 days since he paid me. So, I've done a bit of browsing today and found the website Resolver. I have raised a case through them, just to try and get the sale value of the camcorder (£50) and the postage costs back (£5.75). Hermes have acknowledged this case and said I'll hear back (through Resolver) within 5 days. I've been reading some posts on here, and if the above fails, then I'll consider sending them a 'Letter Before Action', and making a small claims against them. Compared to some items i've read on here, £50 may not seem much, but its the principal. If people don't stand up and fight against the likes of Hermes in cases like this, they'll just keep doing it, and not improving their service. Cheers, vent over.
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