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  1. Received my full compensation payment cleared into account today.
  2. Well, it appears we have a result. Have just received an email from the Hermes CEO office, apologizing for the stress and problems caused and advising that after a full review of the case, they are reimbursing me the full amount of my claim - £55.75 for the parcel value and the postage cost... as a gesture of goodwill. My LBA will have arrived earlier in the week, and I'd guess that has prompted the reply, though I did expect them to ignore it and make me submit the formal claim. Thanks for the advice given on my posts above, which gave me the confidence t
  3. LBA posted off this afternoon, first class signed for post. We wait and see, but based on other threads on here, I expect them to ignore it for the 14 days, and then I'll proceed with a formal claim.
  4. Cheers for the feedback BF. The postage breakdown cost was as follows: Parcel 1-2kg = £4.05 (covered up to £20 in value) Additional cover up to £50 = 90p Signature on arrival = 80p Total = £5.75 If I'm honest, the item sale value is what I want, so if the postage could be a difficult claim I'll drop it. I was claiming for 'wasted delivery' as I paid them a fee to deliver the item, which they failed to do, as well as paying extra for its value and to receive a signature. Had the delivery gone to plan, then yes, I'd only have the £50 for
  5. I have attached DRAFT PDF copies of the LBA and MCOL form. I also have PDF prints of the online Hermes tracker showing the contents of the parcel as 'Camera' and the cover value as £50, along with Hermes label which does not state the contents of the package on it (so no added risk from that PoV), and the Paypal receipt of payment from the buyer and the the subsequent refund showing the sale value of the camera as £50. In terms of the MCOL claim, I am only looking for the sale value and the wasted postage (£55.75 total), not too bothered about claiming any interest whic
  6. Yeah, rightly or wrongly I was prepared to give them the time to look for the parcel, incase it did turn up at the local depot (its last appearance on their tracker), then at least I'd get it back. But for them to maintain their stance of not compensating me, despite admitting that its lost, after it was scanned into their depot, is very annoying. I have the LBA prepared and will post it off tomorrow by recorded delivery. Should I include a copy of the MCOL form which I have already prepared, and anything else (evidence, record of communications, etc) or just the LBA?
  7. Well, after contacting the Hermes CEO office and then giving them time to conduct the necessary searches, I received this email earlier today: So, next week I will be sending off the letter before action, as I find this completely unacceptable that they can openly admit that the parcel is deemed as lost whilst within their care, and at one of their depots, yet still refuse to reimburse me the sale value of the item and the wasted postage cost (as they failed to deliver), due to their spurious 'non-compensation' list.
  8. Just another quick update. Hermes responded asking for photos of the item that went missing (the camcorder), and a description of the packaging, so they could conduct a full search of the local depot and the national hub, as it seemingly went missing after being scanned into the local hub, but they aren't sure if it left there, and got lost afterwards. I sent them the photo (guess they were hoping I wouldn't have one). They say they still can't find it at the local depot, and are waiting to hear from the national hub, and ask me to wait a little longer for them to conduct the searches.
  9. Quick updated on this. Nothing has happened so far through Resolver, other than Hermes customer services replying with a standard cut and paste reply asking me to submit a claim for the lost parcel, despite my initial case posting advising that a claim had already been refused, and why. I have to wait another 15 days before I can 'escalate' it through Resolver, if I decide to. I then found an email address for their CEO, who I emailed, stating my issue. I've had success with other companies in the past by contacting the CEO (Sky for one), so hoped that might be worth pu
  10. Have read other threads, and just venting really, until I decide whether to take things further. Sold a camcorder (+ bag/accessories) on Gumtree, and received payment via Paypal to send it to the buyer in Wales. Bought postage on myHermes, and selected to have it signed for, and paid the extra to cover it up to its sale price of £50. During the process, I stated the item was a camera (its listed on the tracker info as a camera, but does not say that on the postage label), but at no point did it flag up that there was any issue with my postage. And thinking about it more, if a camer
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