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  1. So trying to negotiate a re payment on an alleged unproven debt is not outside of the guidelines laid down in the codes of practice as governed by the SRA ?
  2. I have also asked for the telephone voice transcripts ...as they tried getting me to enter into litigation prior to proving the alleged debt ...
  3. Ah sorry ...yes I have and they are indeed reluctant to respond ...they contacted originally by letter which I responded too ... but even after we had been in contact they traced my private mobile phone number and cold called me ....
  4. SAR ? No I will report them to the SRA as they are governed by them ...
  5. I asked Moriarty to provide details of why they traced my personal phone number as I had already been in contact via letter form .... they could not provide an answer .. I have asked them to provide copies of all the details they hold for me along with a verbaitam voice transcript of the cold call they made. I will await this and then take them to the SRA as they have tried getting me to negotiate on a debt which is only alleged at this point as no evidence has been provided.
  6. I got a phone call on Saturday on my private mobile phone. This call was from Moriarty law ... I had sent my PAP docs back with no e mail address or phone number .. .they said they had used a tracing company to find my details ... .I have since called them and put in a complaint that they have breached GDPR regs .. they have now suspended any action pending a full investigation. The agent who called me was not very bright to say the least .. he wanted me to make an offer of payment even though as I told him it was only an allegation that
  7. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) on Tuesday said it has agreed to sell the majority of its India banking portfolio. The sale to DCB Bank will see the UAE bank exit its operations in India subsequent to the transaction, subject to regulatory approvals. https://amp.arabianbusiness.com/amp/article_listing/aben/banking-finance/427714-abu-dhabi-lender-agrees-to-sell-majority-of-indian-banking-business#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s This is why they are chasing so many people ....they are restructuring to ringfence their UAE assets due to th
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