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    I cannot avoid . I am really not looking forward to this . I remember 2015 it was awfull! Thanks for the luck, I will need it!
  2. Tucuman


    This is great advice! I will definitely read through all of that that older thread. And also clear some files from my phone The problem I have is they(advisors} are all very used to this and have there speech down to a tea. But I will be very meticulous in my research and knowledge in dealing with them. Do they still ask you to sign form for bonus they make at 6,12 and 18 months when/if they find you a job?
  3. Tucuman


    Its called Steps 2 Success. It is mandatory as I got a letter to my UC account
  4. Tucuman


    Hello All, A few weeks ago I was referred to a company called "Ingeus" from my work coach on UC. I was with this company back in 2015 and have been sent back as a "returner" What ever that is supposed to mean. Let me get to the point. Can anyone advise if any of the laws and regulations regarding ingeus and my rights have changed? The reason I ask is that when I search the forum the results are from 2017 the latest and find this a little odd. I had a coversation with the person I am going to see and it did not go very well. Just need to know my right I hope I have posted in the right place, and thank you for a great forum! Jay
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