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  1. Hi, I followed the CCA request advice and I have provided them my new postal address. I recently realised I have heard nothing back from them. Is this an issue or is it them just trying to blank everything and will do a backdoor CCJ? Should they not send me confirmation that they are not proceeding as they do not have the credit agreement?
  2. It is interesting you say that as I was looking to potentially open up complaints for irresponsible lending with a number of payday loan companies, I firmly believe I was able to get a large number of loans without any sort of credit check being completed. Is it not possible if you have cleared the debt? I will sort the CCA letter and hope it resolves the matter.
  3. Hi All, I am after some advice, last week I received an email from LanternUK chasing a debt from 2013. I didn't recognise the debt until I done some searches on my email and it looks like this was purchased from Vivus Loans. I sent them a formal request for information as I had no knowledge they have returned to me today with the details including Loan Date, Original Due date etc. I have tried to match this to closed records on my credit file and I am unable to find this. After getting this loan I entered into a payment plan with all debts and I consolidated them into single payments which have now all been cleared, in 2017 I was contacted by payplan to be advised that payments had started to be returned and they were unable to have contact with Vivus. At the time I thought it was cleared and that was the end of it. During the period of me paying into the payment plan I received 2 offers from MMF to settle In 2016 and in November 2014 I received a letter which I responded to and advised they must contact payplan as payments are being sent to clear this debt. Fast forwarded to 2018 I have settled all debts during a process to buy a house, I was monitoring my credit score and accounts closely and have not seen this debt appear on my report in the last 5 years at least. They are now emailing as they do not have my current address and I have received the below email. My question is how is it best I respond to this email? From my understanding this was being paid off. I would love for some advice if anyone can help?
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