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  1. Thanks so much. My initial thought was that if they had a leg to stand on they wouldn’t be offering discounts, they’d be taking action. Just wanted to double check Almost four years have passed since they started harrassing me and it was just a horrible throwback to being a broke student and worried sick that I couldn’t come up with £200. So odd that they’re picking this up again after so much time has elapsed
  2. Hey everyone, Back in 2015, I had issues with CrS/Harlands after cancelling my gym membership and my ex-partner’s membership. I made them the following offer (in writing) which they ignored: ‘ We now realise that we should have paid one further month's fee for the notice period and are willing to offer you £9.99 per person now (totaling £19.98). If you confirm in writing within 14 days that you'll accept £19.98 in full, you will be paid promptly. However, we will not pay any admin or cancellation fees as these are unlawful ’ They then passed my details to Zinc, who passed them back once I showed them the full version of the above letter ( this occurred on the 3rd November 2015). I told them to only correspond with me via letter and got on with my life. Fast fotward almost 4 years. I’ve moved adress and changed partner and I recieve this in my inbox with the subject: ‘ Please let us help you ( with my new address on it although I’ve not recieved a physical copy). “ Your membership with Xercise4Less remains in arrears. In a final attempt to resolve this matter we would like to offer you the opportunity to free yourself from this debt. We will apply a discount to your balance as shown below. The earlier the payment the more of a saving you make. AND the agreed amount can be spread over a 90-day period: 19th - 23rd August 2019 50% 27th -30th August 2019 40% 2nd - 6th September 2019 30% 9th - 13th September 2019 20% OR If you are unable to settle the balance in one go with the above offer then we will help you pay off this account. For example; for every £10.00 payment you pay we will apply a £2.00 reduction to your balance, for every £20.00 payment we will apply a £4.00 reduction and so on.” What should I do? My inclination is that they would have started preceedings if they could however I have Generalised anxiety disorder and this has effected my mental health. Many thanks for any help
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