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  1. The house was sold in 2015. What’s Ll/BB. Can any one just say what I need to do. Or what I can do. Are Lowell in their rights to claim and therefore I’m liable for paying back the debt . Even though they can’t prove a contract to me in my name. Many thanks
  2. Ok... but Lowell are saying it’s fraud?? If it right that I do owe talk talk . But I’m just wanting what I can do .all I’ve been admits to prove I’m liable . I’ve even rang talk talk and they can’t give me info on the account as it’s now in Lowell hands.. thanks
  3. Letter of claim. I have 27 days now to respond or I goto ccj court
  4. Advice please on a talk talk bill that apparently wasn’t paid 4 years ago. They passed it on to Lowell debtors. . I’ve asked for proof of contract... nothing barring only the amount I owe ,account was stopped,and the address it was held.. the telephone number is wrong, which I know as I was at property 18 years. I’ve been to legal advice and they said ask for proof of contract. Lowell also stated that it was an e mailing sign up to contract with talk talk.. and something regarding 1974 credit act?? Any help or advice would be great. Joe
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