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  1. I have just called on him. I have tried to explain I really do not want to fall out over this. It was not the easiest conversation but I have spoken to him.
  2. I fully accept he has full right to cut the tree, and have previously told them to do so as I cannot get to their side to prune it. This is the first time in forever though. I dont want this to escalate further and want to talk it through but if the other person wont, what am I supposed to do?
  3. Hello if anyone can give further advice please. This is escalating despite my efforts to keep a low profile. I returned from visiting my grand daughter today and while the weather was holding up, went into my garden to cut some of the bushes back, having mowed the grass yesterday. When I got to the rear of the garden, I saw lots of cuttings where the neighbour had cut my tree, (on the boundary to the rear of both gardens), right back and dumped all the cuttings in my garden. I know he is perfectly entitled to cut any overhang back and because I could not reach the rear, have always told his wife he could remove any overhanging branches at his discretion. I had intended to talk to him when I returned home as he was in his front garden, to say I did not want any ill feeling and could we talk this through, but he went in as soon as he saw me pull up. I really dont want to go to war, but his TV aerial remains right over my space, and over one of my solar panels. Its this I am objecting to and have asked only that he move the aerial off of the panel as any shade can impact generation, and with mine being individually optimised and monitored, I was able to see that the generation from that panel has been affected daily, as it has produced less generation than the other panels in the same string. What does anyone suggest next? Wait for the two weeks to expire? Its making me really anxious as I live alone and he his wife and adult son are next door. Thankyou
  4. Thanks, I have only raised it the once and just took the chance to ask if he'd spoken to the chap and once done, fully intended to thanks both. No, I don't want all the hassle, saying I'd pull my big girl pants up and listen to advice given on here. It was he who began to shout at me so I tried to stand my ground. I know these things can get out of hand. What happens if I need work on the panel in future and for workmen to be at that height interrupts their signal? This isn't a hypothetical question as I've had to have remedial work done in 2015, two years after install with scaffolding up to the roof line? I really dont want grief again at a later date. Thanks for the reply. It's appreciated.
  5. Hello. I feel this may be considered to be a petty complaint on my part but would really appreciate views and insight please and I promise to wear my big girl pants and not take offence. I have lived in my home since 1986. My neighbours moved in a year or two afterwards. In November 2013 I had solar panels installed optimised individually by solar edge and the panels are meant to be ' self cleaning'. On Wednesday 21.8.19, my semi detached neighbours had a new TV aerial and a satellite dish fitted. It's near to my boundary wall,but clearly fitted on their own wall. I did not look out while his installer was working and did not know what had been done till I went to the front door to see what all the drilling was about then later to get washing in and saw the items on a flex pole. My issue, and this may be where you say I'm being petty, is that the aerial is angled back and is over my airspace and sitting over my end solar panel. I went next door and told my neighbour my concern about birds sitting on the aerial and guano issues as well as shading potential interns of the panel. He said he'd ring the installer. Next morning, he is cleaning in his garden. I saw him and asked if he'd spoken to his installer. He said yes and the chap couldn't get back for 2 weeks. i asked if it could not be sooner, could the aerial not just be slightly moved when the discussion became heated. He said I had no rights to the space above my roof, I had to look at other aerials In the immediate area and he'd taken pictures and would do something if birds mucked Inthe panels and if it was him, he would have bought panels from a company who visited to clean them . I told him I fully appreciated the signal issue but asked could he not have the aerial on the chimney as I do and he told me not to be stupid as he had a dish as well and dishes cannot go on a chimney. I told him I was aware of this. He was by now shouting at me to listen and as I said, it became heated. He then said if I thought the air above my homeward mine I could sort the issue and he would cancel the installer call back. I rang his installer. My neighbours had not recontacted him. He asked if my concern was birds pooping on my panels and the metal Ariel shadow would have no impact on panel generation and he would ring my neighbour . I am on my own and hate conflict and feel a little intimidated, but am also sure I've done nothing wrong. He told me it was my responsibility to have come out as the work was being done. So, please be frank, am I being petty? Should I just live with this ? I'm aware neighbour issues can escalate and have no desire for that, I just want the darned thing angling slightly away from my solar panel. My aerials are the chimney ones...his is the new one at the front aspect. Thanks for reading this.
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