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  1. Amazing stuff thank you. I'll give them a call first thing. Is there anything specific I need to know or just get through to customer service as an ex Santander customer enquiring about an old account?
  2. Judging from everything I've read on debts here, is there anything specific I need or it's just OK to call Santander? Is there noway to get the same in writing as I get put off by the "Never call, emails, always in writing etc etc" Again I appreciate all the help.
  3. Wouldn't that give me a bit more info on payments and the defaults? Looking at when I joined my current bank, this was in 2011. I'm almost certain my original date of 2015 was way off, and would be more like 2011-13 since last payment/contact but I just need to be sure so I could send an SB letter.
  4. Is it not worth sending a 'prove it' response? That way I can hopefully get a rough idea of if it's SB or not? Or chance a SB letter? And there's no other ay to see when last payments were made? Thanks guys.
  5. Just to update on my credit reports . I've now checked all 3 and the only thing that's showing is my British Gas account which was in arrears in 2011 but settled shortly after. I'm not sure why my Santander account isn't showing up at all. I'm just trying to find letters of when I would have been with them, I can see Santander bought Abbey (My bank before them) in 2004.
  6. Brilliant, thanks. Is it ever worth saving time in the event they did want to send a claim through by asking the original creditor for the SAR? Rather than doing it within the 30 days or am I jumping the gun?
  7. Thank you once again! I'll get this done ASAP. One last thing, you said it's better to be in this position when you can defend yourself. After they receive this from me shall I expect to get an onslaught of communication as I'm guessing they'll feel this is me acknowledging them somewhat? /Back to reading the stickies.
  8. My logic was that if they decided to go for a 'backdoor CCJ' I'd have had proof I sent them a change of address. Which is what I was asking, is that receipt of postage enough if I later found out 2 months down the line by looking on Experian I had a CCJ but I did in fact inform them of an address change. I'm getting the letter sorted now. I'm guessing they're sending letters to the new address because it's the only way they'll make some money if I decided to pay (hopefully for them) but sneakily sending letters to the old address as a failsafe for a CCJ.. Ch
  9. Ok, thanks. So send that letter mentioned above about my new address. And just having proof of postage is enough to 'hopefully' defend somewhat against any backdoor CCJ, as you put it? From your experience do you usually find updating the DCA's makes them rub their hands together or do they by now know that this is done to stop them from the backdoor tactics? *Equifax need to verify me before I access my files.
  10. Thank you. I'm still awaiting access to Equifax, the other 2 CRA are clear then I'll be able to see some dates hopefully. I 've been frantically reading the forum this morning and finding it all very interesting, and the amount of profit these guys make must be crazy. £1 for my debts? Dear Lord. I'm sure it wouldn't have been over 6 years years yet. I'll continue my reading and wait for my Equifax report. But in the mean time you're saying I shouldn't make a move yet or send anything?
  11. I'd agree, this is why I wanted to start to pay at least something to keep them from going there. So it's then worth me updating my new address regardless? But wouldn't they then send a court claim so wouldn't it be best to offer something to pay, or isn't that how they work? So what would be my best move here? Thank you once again
  12. Thank you for the help. I admit this is where I get a little confused, so even though they have my new address I still send them it as 'proof' is there anything I need incase it comes back in future or is proof of postage usually enough? Does this usually give them more reason to hassle you? And I'm guessing because I've not acknowledged anything aside from my new address nothing has changed? It says 'HFUKH2HL' which I'm reading is Hoist. I'll get letters sent out. Thank thanks once again.
  13. Thank you. I updated the electoral roll as soon as I moved to my current address. And the DCA have been sending the letters here, so by writing my current address who would I be sending this too?
  14. I've now moved 4 times since the original debt, never updated Santander but always updated the Electoral Register.
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