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  1. My argument though is that I did notify them of my change of address. Seems weird that I requested under an SAR all the information they had on me, yet still haven’t received this. I know that I rung them to notify of the change of address. Which if they had updated correctly, then I would have received the default notice and therefore been able to correct things. They’ve also stated that they informed me that my only option was to VS, yet that was never said. It was never made clear. I just seem to think I’ve been screwed over good and proper.
  2. So you’ll be glad to know that MoneyBarn aren’t upholding my complaint and I’ve now been informed to either phone to make a payment plan with them or to forward my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. Yay! I still haven’t received my requested information through an SAR either. So will be chasing this as well. They’ve said that because they sent this information to the address they had on file, they did not feel that they are in the wrong.
  3. Requested SAR for all information they have on me. Will also be serving them with my voluntary termination tonight. They have now said that I am unable to terminate due to them already mandatorily terminating it through a default notice. I again, argued that I never received this. I will serve them with the VT regardless. I explained that section 99 allows me to terminate. He said that I had voluntarily surrendered the vehicle. I have said I will still serve them with a VT as I explicitly told them that I was VT and not VS. I will now only email, quite frank
  4. Does this apply to me though, as they terminated the agreement before I was able to VT. See previous messages for background into matter. They failed to notify me of any defaults, despite me notifying them of my change of address. They also terminated 2 months after missed payments (as 3rd was many many many months before). They did not allow sufficient time for me to amend and correct the issue. The first time I had heard of the issue was when a repo man attended my property. They are saying that I cannot VT as they have already terminated the agreement.
  5. Currently awaiting a final settlement figure from them. When repo man turned up, he stated they had a “repossession order” however, I know they don’t. I requested them to send me this information under the freedom of information act and also under the GDPR regulations as well. They have acknowledged they did not have one. They have also attempted to charge me £510 for the debt management agency to collect the vehicle? I have said that it is unlawful to charge me for collection of ‘their’ property and this should be waivered. I am waiting for them to ring me back to
  6. Part of cag? I only know or VT as I researched this after having the conversation with them after a repo man turned up at the door. Didn’t know of VT before then. Im probably not making much sense....
  7. Dx, can I still VT if I have not paid 50% of the term though and/or seen 50% of the term through? My understanding was that VT can only be applied if there is a legal contract between the two parties, which they have now cancelled along with the fact that I have not paid 50% of the term?
  8. Still feel I can stone wall them though. They can certainly take me to court and go down that route but they will be contested every step of the way. Not only did they fail to notify me of any defaults but they also failed to notify me of the termination and repossession order. I happily gave the car back to them as a gesture of good will as I already had another vehicle. I did not want them filing for any theft of property etc so felt it was safer to do that. I haven’t got an issue with paying them, but at the same time, to charge me interest for
  9. Hi all, In massive need of your advice!! Got a finance agreement with MoneyBarn in September of last year (2018). Made regular payments until I had financial difficulties. My last payment to MoneyBarn was April 2019. I since then, did not make payments to them. I did make contact with them and said that the arrears would be cleared as soon as I had sold my property, as I was moving in with my partner instead. They then filed a default against me. (Although I found this out later on) Unfortunately, I then went through a tough period
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