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  1. Thanks for the reassurance @dx100uk Should they ever take it to court is it the case that the judge would overlook whatever processes they've been enforcing on me and that ultimately I still haven't ever earned over the threshold? Much appreciated - Has anyone ever made a reasonable documentary about this situation? It's such a mess for so many people and very stressful.
  2. Hi Folks, I have an update on this... a letter from Drydens Fairfax. It reads... We refer to the above matter and further to the defense which you have filed in response to the claim issued against you. We note that in your defense, you state that: 1) You did not receive a copy of the notice of assignment 2) You did not receive a copy of the default notice 3) You requested a copy of the agreement Having now had the opportunity of discussing the defence with our client, we enclose the following documentation addressing the
  3. DX I'm considering bankruptcy due to other debts - do you know if this Erudio situation can be included in that given it's current state of limbo? Is there something I need to do first to conclude this or does it still count as student debt, therefore not BR relevant? TIA
  4. good point. I suppose I was thinking that the approach with the combined numbers was a 'hope for the best' approach and gives them a second chance if it goes wrong. The point you made about never earning enough anyway stands whatever they decide to throw at me I guess.
  5. Again, thankyou. That's very reassuring to read. Much appreciated Can they put a new claim through with the actual account numbers if they decide to?
  6. Thanks dx100uk, makes sense and I've seen this advice across the other posts too. I'm still keen to better understand how these issues would play into it if they did decide to lift the stay (and I appreciate that so far no case has been seen through so this is hypothetical). Any thoughts?
  7. Hi Guys, I appreciate this is yet another Erudio post, but having rewad them all and taken action it seems there is something different going on here with mine with various underhand and dodgy practices. To summarise my situation: -Took out a total of four slc loans 96/97/98 as normal, which were sold to Erudio - I had always deferred due to low income and Erudio let me defer for a year before their new contract appeared - I refused to sign, they pushed - I eventually sent back a signed agreement with the dodgy terms crossed out, which they refused - I comp
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