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  1. Hi guys Not been on the site for a while but cannot thank you for all support and help. I'm sure I'll need support in the future but am pleased to have contributed to the cause today. Good luck all with your problems and thanks once CAG board members and others for your fantastic help
  2. Not been on the site for a few weeks guys. I have made a donation and wish you all well. Thanks for this superb site which is so useful when you need advice and feel so alone at times.
  3. Many thanks for that. I shall crack on with that over the next few days.
  4. Thanks for that. There are no letters at all about upping the OD or me accepting it. Last correspondence on their file (04/06/2011) says : customer offered £100 on £46k debt saying this is not feasible thus no deal applicable on this outbound call.Customer says he is dealing with third party who will send repayment offer in shortly.
  5. Do I continue to ignore DCA letters?
  6. I've got the SAR and the statements but cannot find anything as such
  7. Received the statements now from Natwest but not had chance to go through properly yet. In meantime I have received letter from DCA. They have said that as they have not received any contact from me they have reverted back to Natwest. They have said to contact them to prevent further debt recovery action being recommended, their client has informed them they may be able to offer a substantial discount from the outstanding balance. Stating that if I were to pay an acceptable lump sum within the next 14 days they would not pursue the remaining balance of th
  8. I have received SAR documentation now. What is the next step in the procedure please? TIA
  9. Saying I have requested SAR directly to Natwest
  10. Yes, as mentioned I was tapping into it to keep my business afloat. As previous post, should I respond to the DCA or ignore it? TIA
  11. Hi sorry for delay in replying. Stared paying back in 2003 and currently £44000 outstanding
  12. For the OD. BTW Natwest only wrote to me about two months ago to say they were passing the debt onto a DCA. That is the first I have heard on the OD for over 10 years - no monthly/annual statements. As mentioned previously I have been making monthly payments throughout the period. Can this be classed as Statue Barred? On the £10k loan they have sent statements around every 6 months or so. I presume this stilll stands?
  13. Yes, that’s when the banks were giving OD’s, loans and mortgages willynilly precisely my point
  14. The £44k is what’s left
  15. Currently paying £100pcm. They do have my current address. it got to that level as I was using the OD to keep my business afloat. None of the debt was classed as business loan etc.
  16. I will send SAR. No I’ve been in private rented as a result of everything going wrong.
  17. Yes last payment was this month. I have continued with monthly payments throughout
  18. £44k is outstanding. The letter from NatWest notifies it’s being passed to a DCA
  19. MDR Should I contact them as the deadline date to contact them is upon us or send the SAR to NatWest?
  20. Attachments to my post earlier today Scan1418.pdf Scan1419.pdf
  21. I have a debt with Natwest for £44k on an overdraft. It is an unsecured debt which is from 2003. They have now passed my file to a DCA and am not short where to go with this. I have attached the letter from Natwest transferring the debt and also the DCA letter. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Received a letter from Natwest re SAR request. this states they are dealing with my request and outlines their statutory requirements. They have confirmed they will send the details within a month. In the meantime I have had three letters from the DCA asking to contact them. The latest letters states " Failure to respond within 7 days of receipt of this letter may leave us with no option but to recommence collection activity". Should I still ignore this last letter or write to them stating I have requested SAR from Natwest? Appreciate a
  23. No MS Bank was the old Marks & Spencer charge card. The Natwest Loan has not been passed to any other party.
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