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  1. I believe there is quite an over value, but at the time I was caught in such a mess of emotions that it is hard to say by how much.
  2. They called the police, I was taken to the station, and I admitted to it all which they recorded on tape. They had a list of all the items, dates, etc. They were concerned about my mental state and I also talked to the therapist in the station which helped massively. I went to the doctors the next day and have since been put on antidepressants, and attend CBT therapy. The last thing i want to do is get in trouble again. I am back on track with working full time, children, etc. This feels like a risk in not doing anything!
  3. I have received a letter from RLP asking for the collection of £1,654.00. Over a number of months I shoplifted from Waitrose following a number of miscarriages. I stole items which I passed on to charities. I was completely stupid, got arrested, admitted to it, they have the relevant evidence, and luckily no charges were given. To pay the fine, I am hoping that they will allow me to pay in installments as I can not afford to pay all in one go. I am concerned though that this is not a proper company and that they will be taking it for themselves.
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