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  1. Dear uncle, thanks for your response. debt sooo long ago, do not remember. but the one i can remember was a cc. i get my credit reports weekly and monthly. there is nothing on them concerning this debt. canot have it show up either. whats next?
  2. today I received a collection notice concerning this debt. They offered for me to pay a reduced amount by no later than Nov3. As I did not receive it until 13 November, I did not respond. This is not my debt. I have not had an account with HSBC since sometime in maybe 2000-2004. I have no idea where this came from. I have not contacted them as yet. Came straight here. please help me with a response. thanks.
  3. The sar attached doesnt compare with the docs lowell says they have.
  4. You misunderstood how long does bt have to produce the requested d ocs here? Agreement start date: 19/06/2014 • Application address: Flat 4, 3 Kempsford Gardens • Tariff Description: Phone BB Hardware • Disconnect Reason: Cessation by BT • Original Creditor: BT Retail Consumer • Mobile Number:02078351401 ( this is a landline ) • Client last payment date: 16/12/2014 • Client last payment value: 86.16 this is not £499.00 • Default date: 27/08/2015, this doesn't square with last pay date. • Airtime Debt Value:257.94 • Early Ter
  5. the debt was already defaulted by BT when they sold it on Lowell cant change that nor are they harming your rating any further by continually reporting to it. Incorrect, its a defaulted acct effects credit score. I cannot ignore the credit reports. please answer my question. 1. how long does BT have to respond? the date of Lowell letter was 23rd of Jan. 2. if BT doesn't respond within that time frame, what can I do to get the account removed from the Credit reports? . 3. how can I get Lowell to stop collection if BT doesn't resp
  6. Bc lowell keeps reporting debt as valid on credit reports sending me collection letters.im disputing these.
  7. Lowell has written to me concerning this debt on the 23rd of Jan 2020. letter states: We have noted the contents of your letter and we understand that you have no knowledge of this account. We are able to offer the following information regarding the account. • Agreement start date: 19/06/2014 • Application address: Flat 4, 3 Kempsford Gardens • Tariff Description: Phone BB Hardware • Disconnect Reason: Cessation by BT • Original Creditor: BT Retail Consumer • Mobile Number:02078351401 ( this is a landline ) • Client last payment date: 16/12/2014
  8. Interesting comments re discontinue claim. I have another lowell telecon debt but not the claim stage.on credit report. There is not enuf info to challenge the report. I suspect its v similar to this thread. Should i write cra/lowell use disconnect charges to end of agreement to challenge?
  9. Hi, I challenged the reports. the only one they report to is TransUnion( call credit) they did not respond, so the information was suppressed. therefore it is not showing up. I want to be sure it doesn't come back to haunt me.
  10. it is defaulted yes on the credit reports. let me check what else the report says. brb
  11. this is a credit ref term which means the account histroy Lowell supplied to the CRA any idea why they would discontinue the case?
  12. do you have any suggestions how I get them to remove the trade line?
  13. ho ho ho anyone got a claim Discontinued by Lowell group for Christmas? You advised me to file a defence and ask for mediation. I followed your advice. I have been waiting for mediation date when I received this notice: Our client has instructed us to discontinue this claim and therefore we enclose a copy of the notice of discontinuance by way of service upon you. we have filed the same with at court and have requested that any hearing that may have been listed is vacated. we confirm that this brings the legal proceedings to an end. I call
  14. hello thanks for the note, hope you are well. what do you suggest?
  15. the claim was issued. we have been discussing this for some time. its in this thread.
  16. UPDATE. Got the SAR back from BT. BT could not find any information to provide me for the account that Lowell has sued me for. I have emailed them now to ask again. Next, I got a Tomlin order requesting I agree to pay the total amount of £420.01. I wrote to the court that I did not agree to the order. The case has been transferred to Central London County court for mediation. I have not spoken with or communicated with Lowell about this outside of the court. What do you advise please?
  17. Hello all that is showing on my credit report is u u u d from 2016. What should i ask for it to read if i pay. Settled or satisfied?
  18. response from Lowell: please advise next steps. Tomlin order attached. The Equifax shows that the account was in default as of April 2016. They cannot provide me with any other supporting docs. I have not received the SAR back from BT. the credit report also shows my birthday is 10 yrs younger ( I wish!) Account was closed in Oct 2016. Equifax shows DUU and nothing more. if I settle this, what should I ask for, a settled status, or satisfied? Lowell Writes: the current debt relates to a former 02 (UK) Ltd account, with our refe
  19. Of course i have. I asked about mediation because i have to fill out the form. i did not receive your guidance on whether i agree to mediation or not.
  20. I have received the form questionnaire to mediate, do I agree to this? I finally got a response back from BT and they are looking for my documents and the account. ,maybe I hear from them soon.
  21. so what do you suggest i do, if they do not have evidence of account, assignment and other docs, then why should i pay. you advised me to wait for the court to contact me, after that then what is the next step?
  22. ok i did not plan to contact them. i want to see the evidence they have . then once i have that, i will contact my connection at lowell. # thank you.,
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