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  1. i refer you to posts 8, 17 & 25.. it isnt clear what you are referencing. please assist.
  2. Hello, i have now searched back through my records on the BT and Vodafone accounts. I will deal with the BT first. I asked for information on BT from Lowell . Original balance they report was £499.93 Last pay date was 16/12/14. acct number ended in 875 original acct no end in 207 however they claim it was a mobile account ended in 1401 but its a landline Default date is 08/2015 bill date is 27/03/2015 start date June 2014 account cancelled by BT last pay £86.16 terminate fee £241.00 airtime £257.94 The above information is on a response letter from Lowell dated January 2020. " We have requested from BT a copy of the statements for the account to help clarify the matter for you, We will write to you further once we have received this documentation". This was the last communication from them other than debt collection letters. They claim airtime for a landline. I also cannot believe that there is a early termination fee for a landline. What do i need to ask for to dispute this debt? also how can they report the debt in default a year after i moved out of the property and the line was suspended by me?
  3. I have a personal loan with Likely loans. I have had a payment holiday and times up. I want to refinance this debt. I have an offer for a much better interest rate. I want to offer Likely less than the outstanding balance to save the loan cost if I can. Want to see if I can get them to give me a discount off the total P&I balance now. Has anyone on this site had any success with getting a discount off of a total balance plus interest (full amount) to settle an account early? My loan termination date is 2023. If yes what is the %.of the discount? Do any Caggers have success stories they can share . Otherwise I will have to wing it. total outstanding amount is £5700 (P&I)
  4. you have misunderstood. its not a pdl loan. its also not in default. i have made the payments as agreed. everything is good except the Lowell account. lowell reports to TU there my score is 556, my Equifax is 589. i am almost at the top of the score band on Equifax. Lowell doesn't report there. i am just trying to see what i can get away with paying less settling a debt for less, and get a better interest rate in the process. all my debts are paid on time for the past 6+ yrs except lowell. this is not a pdl its an unsecured personal loan. the link supplied doesnt work and is not the right topic.
  5. not the case. i am on the electoral roll, and don't have any one associated with me at all. i got a refusal stating recent defaults, this is one that is updated every month, the point is it is not mine. now i have another question unrelated to this. i have a personal loan with Likely loans. i have had a payment holiday and times up. i want to refinance this debt. i have an offer for a much better interest rate. im trying to see if they will take a reduced amount to settle given covid and many ppls are taking holidays. Has anyone on this site discussed a range of discounts being given during covid to settle at less than the full amount? if yes what is the %. i want to make them an offer. i am happy for you to repost this ( cut and paste) on a new thread.
  6. the reason this hurts my file is because it is updated every month continues to show default since 2015. it is the only derog on my report. because it is updated every month, it hurts my score. i got refused, but in other cases because of the default, i get offers at a much higher interest rates, and su prim lenders. sub prime lenders
  7. Maybe so, but i am harmed when this is not my account. The last payment on this account was made for £108.85 on 13/04/2015 before a default was applied on 10/12/2015 for the balance of £674.76. this in the text above. please help me contest this. thank you.
  8. i sent it off last week. and yes, i get decline because this shows as a recent and recurring default since 2015 on my TransUnion. it needs to come off. lowell is reporting, surely there is a way to challenge it, becuase if they own the debt, the need to prove the account is mine, like you said its the same information that was on the BT account a year ago. help me challenge it please.
  9. Lowell stated the above that's exactly the same as the bt thread correct. The Vodafone account is not mine. i never had the telephone number they cite as the number associated with teh account that they claim i owe £674. so i cannot ignore it because its on my credit report. i need to borrow funds, and this is the only derog stopping me. help me challenge it,.
  10. Its not my acct. I cannot ignore bc its on my credit report. Its the only derog on my report. For various reasons it need to come off if lowell can't prove its mine. So please advise how to challenge lowell the acct is mine, balance defaulted etc.
  11. Show that I was residing at Kempsford Gardens on the alleged defaulted date of 27/08/2015 or any other date after 16/12/2014. Alternatively remove any debt you allege is owed because back billing and billing for unused services is not allowed. 10. Please explain Lowell reporting to the credit bureaus that the debt outstanding to BT is £674. The account number concerning 3 Kempsford Gardens Flat 4 which I hold is another account number which is BT xx7 start date is 15/07.2013. 11. The account number you claim is owed to you is an original account number BT xxx 07. You claim the start date on this account is 19/06/2014. Please explain the discrepancy between these two accounts including ownership of both accounts, and why there are two accounts you allege for the same address with different dates. i assume this is what you are referring to ? this is posted under my BT query on CAG. if yes you are right. they reported the BT debt as the same amount, Bait and switch. what should i do about this? i just sent a SAR request to Vodafone.
  12. Hello i cacluated the VF debt as follows: £467 + ET fee £206.= £673. old BT debt is £499.+ 119.= £619. which part of the£value is the same? what am i missing here?
  13. Because they wrote to me last time and told me I also had a BT debt. its now time barred. seems this is a new one. Its not my account. so i cannot ignore it. i need to ask them to prove its my account. in this case, since its not, i need your help yo ask for proof. thanks
  14. Hello DX. Happy new year to you and the CaG team. That is what Lowell says in their letter. the other 3 acct from last year are now time barred.
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