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  1. Hi all I am currently embroiled in a WTC 'overpayments' fiasco with HMRC. I have questions which directly relate to that but this post is about the way HMRC conduct themselves. This is the second time in 5 years that I have been dragged through the mire by HMRC - the first time was over VAT. I won the case at tribunal but it took 18 months and over 200 emails between me and the tax accountants representing me to resolve. The whole thing took a considerable toll on my mental health - which is a bit flaky. In November 2017 I received a letter from HMRC stopping my WTC and claiming a considerable sum in overpayments - around 2.5k though it depends which debt-collector **** I am dealing with at any particular time... This case went to tribunal on 5 December 2018 and was immediately adjourned. I am still waiting for a tribunal date having complied with the judges request for more information many, many months ago. In both cases (VAT & now WTC) HMRC have used the same tactics: wilfully refusing to listen to reason, making up stories and generally trying to talk it out. HMCTS are effectively colluding with HMRC by processing cases unbelievably slowly. I am aware that there are cases where paople have been forced into crime and prostitution because of these delaying tactics. A friends daughter took her life while being victimised in this way by HMRC over Universal Credit. This is an attritional tactic - designed to grind people down. The well known legal maxim that 'justice delayed is justice denied' is very appropriate here. My question is: what is being done about this? Is anyone campaigning to stop this victimisation? There must be human rights issues here. Thanks for your time - sorry it is a long post. Paul in Sussex
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