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  1. Hi DX I didn't actually read that anywhere, it was just an (inexperienced and I now know nieve) assumption I will have Husband complete the form and return by the date requested. He is happy to mediate if the debt is his, just has no recollection of it and also it is (currently) absent from his credit report he is ordering bank statements to investigate further. Thanks for help provided so far
  2. Hi DX Thanks for looking in. Yes I was going to include in my post that from reading the covering letter it appears to lean towards the claimant as the receipient, as it states the claim has been defended by the defandant. I will have a good second read of the whole thing (and will scan up later), and also look at other threads. But as they have not supplied a legitimate copy of the original alleged agreement, notice of assignment (email "copy" that is undated), no statements, no default notice, and no other info as requested by Andy's assistance, to my mind isn't the whole thing in dispute, and proceedings suspended until they provide the requested documentation. As currently they are making a claim based on what looks like a reconstituted CCA and notice of assignment, with no comment or reply to our request to the other supporting docs requested. Thanks for any guidance x
  3. Morning all, Today received correspondence from the court "notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track" States "TAKE NOTICE THAT" 1. this is now a defended claim, the defendant has filed a defence. 2. It appeaars tht this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. If you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for the clim you must complete box C1 on the small cliams directions questionnaire (form n180) and explain why. It includes a form N180, which disussses settlement/mediation and also an information sheet on HMCTS free court mediation. We have still not received any of the requested documentation such as statements, default notice etc., just the docs already posted up . What is the next step that should be taken ?
  4. Hi I don't seem to be able to block their email address on my browser, I will have a look round to see how to do it (email is AOL).
  5. Hi I have returned the email to them and reminded them that they have been instructed to only communicate in writing, and reiterated that all emails will be automatically deleted. Do we just sit tight for now and wait to hear from the court ? x
  6. Hi Yes I did send it to them. Also still have received nothing further in respect of requested docs noted above. x
  7. Hi All Update Have this afternoon received the following email (which is a cc of an email they have sent to CCBC <CCBC@Justice.gov.uk> Dear Sirs, Asset Collections and Investigations Limited -v- xxxxxxxxx FxxxxxxE We act on behalf of the Claimant. We note the Defendant has filed a defence and we wish to proceed with the claim. Please be advised that the Defendant has also been sent notification of our response via email. We await further directions from yourselves. Yours Faithfully, TM Legal Services END OF EMAIL Do I need to do anything at this point ? Have still no received any documents other than the 3 email docs I posted up last week. (still no statements, evidence of drawdown, default notice etc) Thanks in advance xx
  8. Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. So at this point I don't go back and challange anything received that doesn't stack up, or documents requested but not provided by the cliamant. Instead I will sit tight and await further contact (which I assume will be from the court). Further updates as and when received. Many thanks again Andy x
  9. Hi Andy and DX, Update ..... Court have sent hubby a letter received yesterday, stating they have noted his defence and forwarded it to the claimant whom has 28 days to respond or the matter will be stayed (process which I know you'll be familiar with). Also received today an email from TM Legal refer below (coincidence ?) ... Good morning, Thank you for your email. Please find attached your Original Credit Agreement and other supporting documents as per your request. The password to open the document is your date of birth in the format of DDMMYYYY. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance. Kind regards, I have uploaded the received documents with this post. I have no idea if their response of today, is a delayed response to my initial email of 14 Aug (whereby they replied 16 Aug with CCA and SEECI), and issued and received to my own email address (not from my Husbands email), which is where todays email was also received. Or this is actually a response to the CCA and CPR requests I recently sent on your advice to TM Legal and Asset Collections, (and possibly further to the court now advising them of hubbys submitted defence). The fact that TM legal have now also included an alleged copy of letter of assignment (which they did not send with their initial reply of 16.8.19), suggests to me that this my well be a response to their receipt of my hubbys recent CCA/CPR letters. Interestingly the PDFs of the SECCI and CCA they have provided both on the 16.8.19 and today 29.8.19, show (within properties) an access and modification date of 30 Nov 2018 - which is NOT the same date as they say the loan was created in 2015, nor the date of the alleged assignment which their assignment letter states occurred on 11.2.2019 - so that's a bit confusing and I thought worth noting. I have again blacked out where my hubby's name and address has been typed in and uploaded the docs as PDFs. My initial thoughts are that the letter of assignment has no date of construction/ issue within the header. It appears the CCA and SECCI recd today, are duplicates of those issued on 16 Aug 19 also by email (with the same access and modification date of 30.11.18). They have not supplied a copy of the default letter, nor any statements or any other documents requested. Hope this post makes sense and the uploaded docs are legible. Advices for what should the next step should be ?? Thanks guys x 898989_33033_CCA.pdf 898989_33033_SECCI.pdf copy assignment letter.pdf
  10. Do I wish to make a counter claim ? I was putting no, but just wanted to check
  11. Andy, Can I just take the time to thank you for your help and kindness, I really don't know what I would have done without your help today. And I just wanted to make sure that you really know how much your time today has been appreciated ..... thank you x (I will come back and post up any and all developments ... x )
  12. Hi Andy Thank you so much for your help, I can see from your help where I was sorely lacking in detail - thank you for your time helping me today it really is appreciated !! I was going to wait for todays post to arrive and then post the defence today, or should I wait until Friday. Also, WHEN or IF they do send a copy of an original credit agreement would would happen then with regards to the court proceedings ? My hubby says he genuinely has no idea who the company are or what the debt relates to, also it is not registered on his credit record with experian, so no payment profile or default registered either which I think is a bit odd if it really is a loan he took out surely it would be on his record even if he couldn't recall it. Thank you again x
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