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  1. I've moved , called up on the day to give meter readings. Was told this was being passed to the home move department. 2 weeks later I called up and was told to give my new property meter reading to them... Questioned this with a manager however due to appalling phone lines (there end not mine It got cut off). Roll on to this morning, a DD has been applied for the account I assumed was closed (was told don't cancel the DD as the refund would need to be made on an active DD instruction) Now I'm overdrawn and will be charged. Got through to Eversmart again today. And surprisingly they've no record of any final readings and the account is still open. Filed a complaint. Is there a MD email address to get this highlighted that I can send to or have I just got to wait it out for their standard 3-5 working days? Having done research I'm not the only one in this boat.
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