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  1. I CCA'd these last year and Mortimer Clarke said they couldn't produce the original agreement they cancelled my direct debit and said they would not be pursuing me until they could. Now Cabot are chasing me. Several phone calls, voicemails a day and at least one letter a week. They have now sent me a letter saying they would be sending an agent to the house. I get that they are upping the anti because the debt becomes statute barred next August. What do I say to them if they call to the house?
  2. I had a letter addressed to my old name from Search Squad today. Pretty sure it's from my old account, too much of a coincidence. I'll just ignore it and see what happens with my payout as directed by the fos.
  3. Thankyou. Does this apply to other financial awards too, not just PPI?
  4. Not sure which section to post this in: A few years ago I had a credit card. It defaulted in 2006 and eventually became statute barred before I moved house following my divorce some years later. I'd reverted back to my maiden name later and got another card . Recently I had a case of irresponsible lending upheld against them and am now awaiting a pay out. The 2nd balance was already cleared. Since the cards are with the same lender can they take my pay out and off set the outstanding balance on the first card even though it is a different account in a different name and address?
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