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  1. Hi MIE I have prepared for the fact that I might not win, although I would very much like to but has been factored into my plans to deal with my current debt and helping to reduce it. In in regards to documentation....I have been asking for specific information, which they have refused to provide me with since 2013 and not just since I received the claim. I’ve not received any documents or a response to my SAR. Particulars of claim in #5. Defence below (I know it’s not the best, but it’s all I could come up with). DEFE
  2. Hello All Just to update I filed a defence on 09/09/2019 and received and acknowledgment from the Court. Received a 1 line letter dated 04/10/2019 from Whittington’s legal rep stating that they wanted to proceed with the claim. Went on MCOL today and saw there’s an entry stating that a DQ was sent today. I’m not sure what a DQ is... can someone please explain. Also I’ve had no response to the SAR or CPR 31.14...is this normal or is there something I should be doing?
  3. Ok will send SAR today and once I get back the info I need I’ll revisit the thread for advice.
  4. Ok I will send a SAR. From the Ombudsman’s own investigation apparently no default was registered in 2011. There was apparently debt management markers on my account when purchased by Arrow Global Ltd and the Ombudsman didn’t feel it would be reasonable for the default date to be amended to 2011 as Arrow Global Ltd didn’t own the account at the time.
  5. Hello All Have been looking at other threads regarding default notices and just needed some further advice. In summary, I opened 2 Shop Direct Accounts (Littlewoods and Very) around 2010. I was maintaining my accounts until late 2011 when I feel into financial difficulties. I had a debt management plan in December 2011 and maintained payments until about June 2015 when there was another dip in my finances. Whilst I was on a debt management plan the Very account was purchased by Arrow Global Ltd in December 2012 and the Littlewoods account purchased by them
  6. Hi MIE and HB I appreciate the replies. The date on claim form is 08/08/2019 AOS was done 12/08/2019 Am I right in assuming the last date to submit a defence is 10/09/2019. Should I post a draft here first? Is the delay in the claimants legal rep responding to the CPR normal?
  7. Hi all Just to update that there is nothing to update. No response yet to my SAR or 31:14 request to the solicitors. Any advice or what I should do now?
  8. I’m preparing for the fact I may need to do a repayment plan as I can see if I’d done things properly in the beginning by check information I probably wouldn’t be in this situation. At the same time I do think the Trust is accountable too. They waited nearly 15 months to contact me about this. I’ve been asking for a copy of the form submitted to HR by my manager regarding my leaving since 2016. They’ve always been clear the overpayment happened due to late notification from my manager. So my question was when did the manager notify you then?
  9. Hi All Sorry its a bit late, but I've attached a chronology. Its not as brief as it should be. Also the bits in bold are not entirely relevant, but was more for me. Also in response to MIE's questions above 1. I received a LBA and responded. 2. Whittington NHS is the claimant. Chronology.pdf
  10. No that’s the reply I got today. What I meant was when I tried to gain information from them it was always “nope sorry speak to the DCA”. I’ve sent my SAR request to the correct email address/department and am waiting for a response.
  11. Just an update. When I sent the SAR Request I initially sent it to the finance department until I actually found the Trusts SAR email address and web contact form. This is the response that I got from finance and is pretty much how all their responses have been hence why I was dealing mainly with CCI. “Your matter have been referred to our debt collection agent who has subsequently passed on the matter for legal proceeding. They have been in touch with you and it is best you communicated the matter directly with them.”
  12. Morning All. I'm just trying to catch up. It has been a hectic weekend for me with the start of the football season. I just want to thank everyone who has contributed to the post so far, it has been very helpful. I have completed the AOS online. I have sent a SAR request to both Whittington and CCI, as I communicated with CCI after 2016 in respect of this matter. I have also sent the CPR 31.14 Request to the Solicitors. @Manxman in exile I have the relevant payslips and in terms of breakdown, I have to admit it is pretty c
  13. Apologies for the long post.... I know it sounds really stupid but I honestly don’t remember receiving any salary from Whittington in either September or October 2011. The one one thing I was expecting was for my income to be higher in October because of the additional Student Finance payment. From September 2011 onwards I expected to be receiving and living on was an NHS Bursary until my course is completed or I withdraw and find a job. I do recollect that when I finished my 1st year and withdrew and started temping I received a payment from N
  14. One of the bank accounts I held around that time was with NatWest and they told me that they could only provide me with statements in the past 6 years even for accounts that have been closed. Its now been nearly 8 years and I made no effort to do this before. I was too busy asking Whittington to provide me with the sort code and account number so I could narrow things down a bit and make it easier on myself. So slim chance of getting a bank statement dated 2011. But I could def get bank statements for payments I made as it was during 2013-2016. I’ve been
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