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  1. Hi dc100uk, We have no idea, we are only assuming it’s about the car as everything is in my name apart from that and we have no debt. As you’ve said they are part of the Marstons Group and I’ve done a google and they seem to specialise in automotive offences. We have to wait until the courts are open on Monday to find out what it relates to. The courts are West Yorkshire Enforcement Office, 100miles away from us. Are we able to do a Section 14 to get this restarted? Cheers
  2. Hello, My partner has received a letter stating she owes £845, details of what it’s for are not provided and they have a court warrant to reclaim the debt. Her surname was misspelt which I think is key. After calling the debt collection agency Callectia they could not inform us what it was for and they would need to ask the court. I asked how has it got to this, it seems they had been sending letters to our old address for 6 months and 2 weeks ago a bailiff visited that address. I believe it is at this point they worked out that the surname was incorrect and
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