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  1. I will check all her payment dates and update ASAP. Thank you.
  2. It was just a standard Natwest personal credit card, not a business one if that is what you mean. I beleive it would be Mastercard with Natwest, but not sure. I am sure you are better advised than I am. CCA request, is that such a good idea when there uis absolutely no credit accounts whatsoever on all her credit files - we checked all of them this week. In other words, there is no record of ANY outstanding debt under her name with any credit reference agency. What are we hoping to achieve with the CCA? I don't know much hence asking, but would the agreement not be between my wife and Natwest. If these people are just a company that buys debts, there is no agreement between my wife and them surely? Natwest I think lost all interest in it many years ago.
  3. Ah, this is interesting. Just dug out the last two letters. She has actually been paying Cabot on a standing order, but since stopping that it seems to have switched to Westcot. I am guessing they are one and the same? fkofille - The balance is £950.00 now. dx100uk - Cabot's ''client'' natwest Dual Gold - Credit Card My wife says she thought she had been paying Natwest all this time and does not know when she first started paying these goons. I will go through her statements when I get a chance and see when she started paying, but just by simple calculation, she has been paying them for about 40 months or so.
  4. Hi. I would be very pleased if anyone can offer help in this matter. In 2004 my wife had a credit card and bank account with Natwest. Around 2007 she could not pay them the credit card when her business closed (around £1500 owed on the card then) and thus the account went into deafult then. Unknown to me, she at some point was contacted by Westcott and has been paying them £10 a month on a standing order. I found out last month and she stopped the standing order. Now Westcott are writing and writing, plus this week started phoning her which is causing great upset for her. She has not replied to them or taken one of their calls and won't do either! My question is that as the original debt was with Natwest, I assume then sold the debt to Westcott. But surely the original contract was between my wife and Natwest and thus my wife owes Westcott nothing. The main thing I would like is to know I can warn Westcott off from harrassing my wife. Her credit file is 100% completely clear. No defaults, no CCJ's, no credit card accounts, no debts whatsoever, nothing at all. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks
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