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  1. Ahh okay makes sense. I am just concerned because what if I was suspected of shoplifting before but not caught, and with the picture now being shared, they would be able to identify me? I can't express my regret over this but the guilt and shame is overpowering right now
  2. Yes the habit has definitely stopped now, I will never do it again. My concern is more with the picture and then maybe police involvement. I will ignore RLP
  3. Hi guys, I got caught shoplifting at Primark. Obviously very much regret this and will never happen again. No police was involved, they told me I would receive a fine and took a photo of me alongside other details. I am just wondering what they do with this photo. Do they share it with other stores in the mall? Because I have shoplifted from other stores in the mall before but never been caught so what if they recognize me? Very scared but take full accountability for my actions. Thank you
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