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  1. Thank you Michael. I agree - logically the situation is clear. If only I have looked properly at those plates... Anyways, the reason I asked for advice is the below thread. I could see the pictures of similar signage and people reporting successful appeal. The thread is quite old though. Anything changed in law or what is the difference in my situation that I have no grounds for appeal? Thank you
  2. Hi guys, I got a PCN for parking in Watlington street in Reading. There was a post with two plates on it. Apparently I wasn't supposed to park on the left side of it, which I obviously did. I parked there on Sunday between around 11:15-12:00. It was really confusing, as on the right hand side of the post I could see the remanings of double yellow lines. I thought left side is a 'safer' option. I have attached the photos. My car is Honda Civic on the far left. Is it worth appealing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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