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  1. Would you allow open banking sharing with Let Alliance in the above scenarion?
  2. Thanks. hopefully it will all go through. and if not can ask father as guarantor, although that option may no be available on that property etc etc. My main concern was how let alliance is using open banking and whether they can see outgoings as well as incoming funds. The reliance on an algorithm rather than a human to decide if the tenant is OK or not is another factor. However no different to if they asked for last 3 months statements etc. my other concern is there is a payment to step change every month! on it! (soon to stop, and control myself, with the help of this forum). Finally the 'possibility' with call credit (Transunion) supplying credit report to let alliance.
  3. Hi Yes father is happy to be a guarantor, but wanted to see if all is ok without. I am hoping the open banking section is just n easier way to confirm salary going into the account. The more I look into it the more scary it seems! https://www.letalliance.co.uk/letting-agents/same-day-referencing/
  4. Thanks fkofilee Yes let alliance one of the first apparently. Agree I can tick to disagree the option. However on their website they claim they will get a credit report from TransUnion formerly call credit regardless, hence the stress. Happy for them to ring employer for salary confirmation and verify current address via credit check and no ccj, bankruptcy etc. However being on a dmp and having defaults adds to it.
  5. Hi I am currently applying for a rented property through an estate agent. From doing some research from the web, most forums were saying they only check for CCJ's, Bankruptcy and electoral roll (public info). so should be fine! I am on a DMP with stepchange and have no CCJ's, etc. However the company the letting agents use are Let Alliance, who have sent me an email saying it is all electronic and to tick the box for open banking so my bank can send info etc, also call credit will supply credit check info? This has me worried as my credit report has defaults from 2-3 years ago. I can afford the rent etc, so not sure if I should tick the box for open banking or it takes longer if i dont? Has anybody had any experience with this? any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. sobering advice DX, thanks. I will feedback, if I have any issues, questions. Donated! cheers.
  7. Thank you. I have attached the CCA responce from PRA just received. If it helps anyone out as well. Will let you know what I get back if they find any other 'documents'. I am hoping to cancel the DMP with stepchange as soon as I can. I am bit confused in how to deal with Wescot, Do I ignore them altogether, when sending the CCA request to Santander for the Loan and Overdraft. Will Santander automatically let Wescot know whats going on? I will also start another thread as advised for the RATESETTER loan i.e. how to deal with it. Also how do I donate please as this has been very helpful for me. Thanks.PRA+CCA.pdf
  8. Hi DX100uk Thanks for the reply. Apologies will upload in PDF for any others I receive. The ones I have sent CCA's for are below, together with the ones I have not as yet: PRA GROUP - Barclaycard £11252.41 - CCA SENT 6/12 WESCOT CREDIT SERVICES - Santander Loan £4001.30 - CCA NOT SENT CABOT - Virgin Money CC - £3028.89 - started 5/4/12 - CCA SENT 6/12 (received reply as below) RATESETTER - £2536.80 (NO Default information on report?) - Cannot send CCA? MOORCROFT - INTRUM - Halifax CC - £1363.70 - CCA SENT 6/12 WESCOT - Santander Overdraft - £887.33 - CCA NOT SENT POST OFFICE CC - £456.08 - started 18/12/2009 - CCA NOT SENT CABOT - Yorkshire Bank CC £411.79 - CCA SENT 6/12 one is a overdraft so will have to carry on with that? Not sure what to do regarding RATESETTER? Thanks
  9. Hi All I have been having a few problems. But have finally managed to send the CCA's out. The first reply is in. I have scanned and uploaded for you to see. Are these typical responses? They mention another reply in 2 weeks. Is it best to wait until all these, as my DMP payment goes out on the 1st for all of them. So may have to wait until all responses are in before asking Step change to remove some off? CCA's were sent out 6/12. Thanks
  10. Thanks dx I am looking forward to the day I can stop the payments, for the ones I don't have to anyway! I will get onto these as soon as possible, and feedback. Thanks
  11. hi dx thanks for the reply, and advice. I can see sending a CCA request using the template is straightforward for the credit card ones (PRA GROUP, CABOT, MOORCROFT-INTRUM). For the two WESCOT, you mentioned leave the OD one? however the for the loan one it was Santander, so CCA them? RATESETTER (loan) looks like it is not using a DCA, so do I still CCA them too or no point? Same for POST OFFICE (credit card), as there is no default that I can see on my report do I still CCA them too. Is there a risk I will get into more bother? Lastly the halifax credit card was with MOORCROFT, however received a letter last month that INTRUM have taken over but I should leave payments as they are with STEPCHANGE. Noticed on step change, it has changed to MOORCROFT-INTRUM, are they the same company. Apologies for the breakdown, just want to make sure I dont make a mistake when sending out the CCA's. Thanks again.
  12. Hi I have been on a DMP for past 2 years now, with stepchange. I cant afford the high payment I was making anymore £390, due to things changing at home, so have to go back to SC to ask for reduce payment. This will potentially see me being debt free in 12 years instead of 6! I have reading a few forums here and needed you expertise and opinions as I have noticed a few strange things whilst going through my credit report etc:- Here are my debts listed on SC:- PRA GROUP - Barclaycard £11252.41 - started 6/12/10 - Settled (does that mean defaulted?) 22/03/17 WESCOT CREDIT SERVICES - Santander Loan £4001.30 - started 15/8/16 - settled - 31/10/17 CABOT - Virgin Money CC - £3028.89 - started 5/4/12 - settled - 7/11/17 RATESETTER - £2536.80 (NO Default information on report?) MOORCROFT - INTRUM - Halifax CC - £1363.70 - started - 18/6/12 - settled - 17/04/18 WESCOT - Santander Overdraft - £887.33 - started 21/4/2008 - settled - 6/9/17 POST OFFICE CC - £456.08 - started 18/12/2009 - settled - 02/05/17 CABOT - Yorkshire Bank CC £411.79 (NO Default info on credit report?) The strange things I noticed is that there is no mention of a default from yorkshire bank. Also there are defaults from PRA GROUP and CABOT as well as the banks they represent in the defaults (Halifax and Barclaycard) is that normal? I could really do with help and advice of what I can do with this please. As I do not want people coming to my house, if I stop paying. Things are stressful at home at the moment, so dealing with this on my own, as they are all mine. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.
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