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  1. Hello all,

    I would appreciate some advice regarding a recent incident with Rossendales.


    Brief background is


    I bought my current house in 2016 from my mum who inherited it when my Gran died.


    When my Gran was alive, my sister sometimes stayed there and used her address for various things including driving licence, bank accounts, work documentation and credit. She hasn't lived there since I bought it.


    The story behind this debt is that apparently my sister parked at my Mum's house in Bury without a valid residential parking permit. She had contacted the council and they apparently had waived the fine before this visit.


    In June, me and my girlfriend were woken up at 07:20 by loud knocking.

    At the door were two Rossendales enforcement agents asking for my sister.


    I told them she didn't live there asked what the matter was about and they said they couldn't tell me and I needed to show proof of residency which I refused to do without seeing any documents compelling me legally to do so. They proceeded to clamp my car.


    I brought them the only evidence I had which was a V5 document.

    The car is on finance so technically, the finance company owns the car.


    In the subsequent audio recordings of the phone call, it emerges that they knew the car was on finance. They also asked if my car was a white Ford Fiesta (which is my sister's car) and asked if she was insured on it (she never has been and has never driven that car)


    . I feel like they have attempted to blackmail me into giving them my sister's contact details when it was absolutely nothing to do with me.


    Admittedly, I probably reacted badly but being woken up before I normally get up by loud banging which terrified my girlfriend didn't give me a good start to my day.


    They refused to show me any ID or a court order, presumably because they didn't have one. I was told by their complaints handler that they use various methods of tracing people, including credit searches.


    I have retrieved the video and audio of that day through DSAR. The video is here and audio recordings of phone calls are here.


    They eventually took the clamp off after a couple of hours, citing the fact that the car was on finance. I didn't miss work because of it but I was several hours late.


    Additionally, they missed the ICO guidelines for the DSAR and were two weeks submitting the video files.


    Is there anything I can do regarding legal action here?

    I've complained to the leader of Bury Council who has dismissed it without looking at the evidence or listening to the audio.




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