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  1. No I’m not a cabbie. I went to drop off and pick up family front the station. They used have it but just recently they do not have drop off and pick up. Also they used to offer free short stay parking for 10 minutes but this is now £3. If you have to drop off or pick up for free then you will have to use the long stay 3 car park which is nearly 10 minutes walk to the station and the airport not practable for people who has less mobility / disabled.
  2. Do you or anyone you know ignore the pcn? I’ve got 4 pcn already in 2 weeks.
  3. If this is the case then what wrong with letting them know that I’m not going to pay and we will face it in the court?
  4. But what happens if I just send them a response says that you cannot over rule and therefore I owe them nothing?
  5. Shocking news, I’ve got my 4th pcn today !!! £400!!! I read some court tribunals of some cases and the driver lost the case.
  6. I have not done anything yet. I’m so worried if they take me to court and affect my credit score.
  7. I got advices from mse forum says to appeal (respond to their pcn).
  8. But my question is if they not a an honest company and if we know that they are not following the law and where we know that they won’t win the case, is it better me appealing first then ignore their following correspondence (threatenings)?
  9. hi what did you do with your pcn ? Did you win? 

  10. I read their reviewes on google, it is scary, some people received court letters. Could I also mention I stopped the car in a bus stop(47)
  11. My dad is happy to be the driver.. so far I’ve got 3 pcn letters from them for stopping in the red route.
  12. Reading reviews on google they have taken many to th court.
  13. I’m a little confused, which is the post from the expert? So far I have ignored the letter and it’s been more than 14 days. Can I say someone else was driving? My retired dad ?
  14. Hi I’ve got similar experience. What have you done so far? And what they have done ?
  15. But some says I should appeal as they may go to court and they’ve got 6 years time for that.
  16. Hi, What can I mention in my appeal? Any legislation could support me for stopping in the bus stop for few second for the purpose of dropping off?
  17. Hi, it was on 25/07/19 and according to the time on the pcn it lasts less than 10 seconds. I was literally stopped the car to drop off and drove forward . Thanks
  18. Hi I’ve uploaded the letter but some information are hidden. parking_20190805133704.pdf
  19. Thank you. Do you what happens if I ignore this? Am I going to court ??? Is it going to affect my credit score ?
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