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  1. The whole decision was very long and with a lot of information that is certainly not in most peoples field of knowledge. I do not agree that they are not in breach of a contract and the fact that E.on now appear to have lost the recorded sign up call and have no knowledge of me asking for smart meters says it all. (Corrupt Company) I have a PDF file of this decision which I was unable to post publicly but am willing to share privately and I have until the 27th of September to agree, decline or appeal. I no longer have any fears of them attaching this debt to
  2. The Ombudsmen service has made a decision. Please can you advise me of what I am able to do next. I think the good will payment is pretty much a joke considering that I lost more than that, just not being able to apply my warm home discounts to my energy account. I really need to do as much as I can to sort this out before I leave my current address in the next month or so. docs1.pdf
  3. You asked that I explain in more detail and this is what I managed to do for you so far. September 2016 I am with a Energy Company called Utilita on a prepayment smart meter which I top up using my mobile phone August/September 2016 I recieved 2 or 3 courtesy calls from my previous energy company E.on asking if there is anything they could do so I will return to them as a customer. In October 2016 I owed nothing to E.on, Utilita or any other Energy Company October 2016 I sign back up to E.on after a lengthy telephone call for prepayment Dual fuel
  4. The SAR letter has been done I will print it off and send it first thing Monday morning
  5. Thank you so much I will do as you have advised, I will send the letter. I have already refused to speak to Eon on the telephone as they have tried to suggest that I have made no attempts to contact them for 2 years, which again is another fabrication. The 2 separate complaints I made to them personally where I was promised that there would be some resolution haven't exactly been ignored they did send me letters stating it was being looked at but failed to do anything further. They are aware I suffer with ill mental health and have a disabled child as I was
  6. In October 2016 I returned to Eon after being with another company briefly on a Smart prepayment meter (Utilita) . I had at this stage no debt to any utility company and Eon made several courtesy calls to lure me back as a customer. I was asked why I left I explained that I need to be able to top up both my Gas and my Electricity from my phone that leaving the house was sometimes difficult due to my ill health and that I am single with 2 young children one of which is disabled. I was promised prepayment smart meters fitted and my original welcome contract stat
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