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  1. Hi Slick132, Thanks for your reply, I will send a letter and then at least I have done the correct thing. I know it wont make a difference to them contacting me but I will feel better. How long do you think it will be until they stop contacting me?
  2. Ok thank you, I think I will just completely ignore them until they get tired of contacting me
  3. Thanks dx100uk, do you think I should just completely leave it or send a letter? Ive read a few forums on here and they say a letter makes no difference. Do you think I should just completely ignore them and not send a letter? If I just ignore them will they take any action that can effect my credit score etc?
  4. Hi Slick132, I haven't sent a letter yet and am still getting CRS phoning me but I haven't answered. I have looked at my bank statements and my DD for the gym came out on 8th of each month and I cancelled over the phone on the 10th. Does this mean that I do owe a months membership even though I didn't attend the gym a few days before the 8th? They are still requesting that I pay £266 as I didn't cancel online which I didn't know about. What do you think I should do?
  5. Hi Slick, Thanks for your reply, do you think I should write Harlands a letter or just completely ignore all communication? Will it make a difference if I contact them or not? I don't agree that I had to pay the £11.99 as my DD came out the same day but they were stating that because my DD came out and I told them afterwards that another £11.99 was due even though I hadn't attended the gym at all in April.
  6. Harlands wanted 1 more payment of £11.99 but I cancelled my DD as I didn't agree with it
  7. They said they were going to start sending me letters seeing as they now know I haven't got access to my old work email address. I have just read some threads on here and there seems to be advice saying send a letter explaining why you wont be paying anymore money etc.
  8. Hi dx, Do you not think I need to contact Harlands to inform them that I do not believe I need to pay anymore than I already have or should I just completely ignore all contact?
  9. Hi, Do you have an example letter I could use or tweak?
  10. Thanks dx100uk, do I need to put anything in writing to them or just completely ignore all attempts to contact me? Will they keep pestering me or will they leave me alone once they don't get a response?
  11. Hi, I am looking for some advice if possible. Back in 2016 I joined xercise for less gym in Darlington. On the 10th April 2019 I phoned Harlands up to cancel my membership and give my 30 days notice. My direct debit went out on the 10th of each month. During the telephone conversation the Harlands member of staff advised that I could cancel my membership but I needed to pay an extra £11.99 (monthly membership) for my 30 days notice period, I informed her that my money had gone out by DD that day and I wouldn't be going back to the gym as I only joined the gym because it was close to work but I was moving company and wouldn't be using the gym again. She informed me that I still needed to pay another £11.99. After the telephone conversation I just cancelled my DD so no more money would be taken out in May. Last week I received a phone call from a company called CRS advising that I owed £266 as I didn't cancel my gym membership online and my membership wasn't cancelled because of this. They informed me that Harlands had sent me emails informing me to reinstate my DD so they could take payment plus admin fees etc. I then told them that I never received any emails and this was the first I heard there was an issue. CRS told me the email address Harlands had apparently sent these emails to but it was my old works email address which I no longer have access to. I refused to pay the £266 and said as a good will gesture I would pay at most 3 months membership due to not cancelling on line which is a total of £35.97 but they said that was impossible and I would have to pay all these extra's. Can anyone advise what I should do, do I need to pay the £266? Does this effect my credit score in anyway? Can they take me to court if I refuse to pay? Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks, Milkybarkid2.
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