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  1. Hi, Update, I have just received a text from Zinc group saying, we have sent you an important letter, please click the link to view it. Should I open the link and see what it says or just ignore it? Do they know if ive opened it or not?
  2. I received another letter two days ago, I have just ignored it. I still get text messages at least twice a week but just delete them as soon as I receive them. I have blocked and bounced all their emails so I don't know if they are trying to contact me via that. I have read loads on here and I think we will hear from Zinc group for a while then probably get another letter from their solicitors but im just going to ignore all contact until they eventually give up! I will keep you posted.
  3. Brilliant, thanks DX and Slick for all your help. I will continue to completely ignore them and get on with my life and hopefully they will get bored and move onto someone else very soon
  4. Thanks Slick, one last question and then il be happy to completely ignore all contact until eventually they get bored and leave me alone. Is there any chance they can send a baliff or someone equivalent to my house demanding money? Thanks, MBK.
  5. Hi Bankfodder, I was a member of a gym (Xercise for less) for 3 years but cancelled due to me moving.

    I cancelled my membership over the phone and was advised that I needed to pay a further £11.99 (one months fee) before I could cancel due to the 30 days notice etc.

    I didn't pay the £11.99 and now have a company called CRS chasing me for payment of £266.

    I spoke to them and advised I was more than happy to pay the £11.99 as I agreed that needed paying but they have refused and demanding the £266.

    What should I do? Do I need to pay it or can I just ignore them and they will eventually go away?



  6. Ok thanks DX. I will just completely ignore all contact until they eventually give up. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  7. Ok so they will get another company to chase me as they don't do court. Am I right in just completely ignoring them, is there any point where I do need to take notice from them or not?
  8. Hi, Update, today I received a letter from CRS stating that I have 10 days to pay my debt or they will take one of two actions. legal action (CCJ) or pass my case onto another company. Even though I believe I do owe one months pay of £11.99 which i have stated to CRS am I still to ignore these threats? What do you think the next actions will be from them? Do I need to do anything or just continue to ignore all contact? Thanks, MBK
  9. Hi Slick132, Thanks for your reply, I will send a letter and then at least I have done the correct thing. I know it wont make a difference to them contacting me but I will feel better. How long do you think it will be until they stop contacting me?
  10. Ok thank you, I think I will just completely ignore them until they get tired of contacting me
  11. Thanks dx100uk, do you think I should just completely leave it or send a letter? Ive read a few forums on here and they say a letter makes no difference. Do you think I should just completely ignore them and not send a letter? If I just ignore them will they take any action that can effect my credit score etc?
  12. Hi Slick132, I haven't sent a letter yet and am still getting CRS phoning me but I haven't answered. I have looked at my bank statements and my DD for the gym came out on 8th of each month and I cancelled over the phone on the 10th. Does this mean that I do owe a months membership even though I didn't attend the gym a few days before the 8th? They are still requesting that I pay £266 as I didn't cancel online which I didn't know about. What do you think I should do?
  13. Hi Slick, Thanks for your reply, do you think I should write Harlands a letter or just completely ignore all communication? Will it make a difference if I contact them or not? I don't agree that I had to pay the £11.99 as my DD came out the same day but they were stating that because my DD came out and I told them afterwards that another £11.99 was due even though I hadn't attended the gym at all in April.
  14. Harlands wanted 1 more payment of £11.99 but I cancelled my DD as I didn't agree with it
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