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  1. Just to update you all, using the post earlier that sent us to a link to companies house page - about the owner. My husband sent a text message to the guy who works in the shop, who is sadly fending everyone off, quoting the owners name and address as posted on companies house page. Saying that we would be taking appropriate action "tort of conversion" through a solicitor. Who should phone today but the Jeweller himself to say that my ring has been sent to London for a certain procedure (not relevant to this post) and that we should have the ring back next friday. We will delay action unt
  2. I think this is a good move, sadly hate confrontation - it seems so unnecessary. They haven't actually said they are going out of business. But we have the documentation from companies house. eeeekkk - thanks everyone
  3. Wow thanks for your comment Dodgeball, interesting, the plot thickens.
  4. Hello, it is my original engagement ring, the value is not much at all. The reason I went to him was because about 3 years ago he put in saphire for me and I was happy with that. The guy in the shop says the repairer is going through lots of difficulties in his life, the latest being he was beaten up. Whilst I feel sorry for him - I just want my ring back, even if it is broken. So far am down £150 - I would like that money back but I dont think that is going to happen, how would I get an award of damages? I dont think they have any money.
  5. The shop is called Studio 55 in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
  6. Im sure i can get the name of the Jeweller - but do I want to name and shame on this portal. thanks
  7. Hello - I know the shop is in difficulties. Can we call the police? We thought it would count as theft. thanks
  8. Hello - We are dealing with a local Jeweller who does repairs. I took my old engagement ring in as it had broke, paid over £150 to repair which he did. A week later it broke in a weak spot created by the Jeweller. So we took the ring back - that was over 2 months ago. We are not dealing with the repairer because according to the member of staff he has been off sick and in hospital. So we asked for the ring back not matter what condition. They said they have a policy that says if it is not in the condition to give back then they do not give the property back until it has been corrected.
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