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  1. Morning, Update on this. I got in touch with Nationwide. They in fairness were very helpful. All evidence sent to them, I was lucky that I actually paid the balance on CC... Case has been opened and the lady said it seems very straight forward. The company was Leeson furniture in Norwich. And on further investigation it would appear that this isn't the first time. They also have other companies to be wary of.
  2. Great... I didn't know that... I wrote them and email on Tuesday and gave them 7 days to reply.. Nothing as of yet
  3. Thanks for replies and amending the title. I paid in full prior to delivery by debit card. We received the items and still have them but we rejected on day of delivery and contacted their office requesting replacements.
  4. Hi All, New here and looking for some advice. We placed an order on New Years Eve 18 for some furniture. We were advised of a 8 week lead time. No problem with that. Chased end of February as heard nothing, Eventually received on 13th of March after a few more calls. On the the day of delivery, my partner noticed damage on all 3 units.. she advised the delivery driver of damage and emailed photos to the company which they agree with replacing. Role on to now.. We have phoned & emailed numerous times and
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