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  1. I just thought i'd offer an update to this incase anyone has a similar experience. The combination of the DVLA details and the details HPI hold on the car are the main sources for HPI clearance, finance, online valuations and the like. I've found out that the DVLA details are all correct but for some reason HPI do not hold any details on the car. This is the sticking point. This is odd as HPI get a weekly update from DVLA but for some reason my car has fallen through the net. I've now logged a call with HPI to get them to add the details in.
  2. Yep, it's got a full online service history and I've got an email from Land Rover to state it's a UK car/spec. If someone comes to look then I have all the information. I suppose if it was me buying then i'd walk away if I wasn't 100% happy. As you say, I might have to price it competitively. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Happy to do that but I'm also aware that some people will want to do a history check. I've managed to get one but most cant find the details via the registration. I don't want to sell it cheap because there's a problem because there shouldn't be a problem, if that makes any sense
  4. Hi all, I wonder if you could offer me a little advice. I bought a used car from a Land Rover dealership in 2014. The car was 9 months old, 9,000 miles, 2 previous owners and a full service history. The car was very clean and nothing untoward. I've recently come to sell the car and I'm having real difficulty getting a valuation from any garage. All of the online valuation tools cannot find my vehicle. This seems to be stopping any deal offering me a price for the car. I can find it on the DVLA vehicle details but no third p
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