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  1. Just an update on the SAR for the benefit of hello12345 and anyone else who might be interested. They sent me statements back to May 2004 . Rather conveniently my PPI ran from Nov 1993 until April 2004 and that is exactly the period that they could not supply statements for. I'll be interested if anyone else manages to get statements going back further than 2004.
  2. Just an update on Celticheart37 versus Barclaycard. On the claim for my late Husband's PPI, Barclaycard have responded saying they have been unable to locate a PPI Policy . They say he held his card since 1979 ( not the late 1980's as I had believed) which means that PPI did not exist and that is fair enough. I accept that PPI did not exist in 1979 so couldn't have been included. So that is the end of that one.They could have told me that at the beginning rather than let me search for proof that would not exist , but never mind. On my own Barclaycard claim for which the
  3. Thanks dx . The reason I am asking is Barclaycard have made a refund for my card based on " the average amounts we would refund someone who has a comparable policy on a credit card held for a similar period of time" and I think it is a bit on the low side .They say they have been unable to calculate the refund accurately because they cannot find any records of the premiums paid and have therefore used averages instead The amount refunded for the PPI premiums was £1100 which works out at £8.80 per month. ( PPI ran for 125 months Nov 1993 - April 2004) The refund of inte
  4. Hello Everyone, Does anyone happen to know what the monthly ppi premium would have been during the period 1993-2004 for a Barclaycard ? Expressed in pence per £100 of the amount outstanding on your account. I have seen various figures quoted for credit cards such as £0.69 per £100, £0.79 per £100 , etc ,but I can't seem to find anything specifically about the rates Barclaycard was charging during this time. Many thanks Celticheart37
  5. Wow, so incredibly useful, thank you hello12345. There it all is in black and white, them admitting "that it is automatically arranged for you unless you specify to the contrary on your application" and the opt OUT box on the application form - dynamite. And just so incredible that you have this paperwork from nearly 30 years ago and are willing to share it, this forum and the people on it are fantastic.Anyone who had given up on PPI on an ancient credit card with Barclays might want to give it another shot !
  6. Thank you so much for posting this information. This just confirms my belief that his card did have PPI on it as the chances of someone ticking a box to opt out must be incredibly small. It is also good to know that the FOS would probably agree it was mis-sold because of this. The way Barclaycard are performing it might well get to the FOS ,so it is good to know someone out there has a form from before 1994 which proves you had to opt out. Barclays ( Barclaycard) obviously know this themselves but it is whether they are willing to put their hands up and admit it ,
  7. Hello Everyone, Hope someone can help with this one. I recently made a claim for PPI on my late Husbands Barclaycard which he held from the late 1980's. They eventually replied saying they have been unable to find a PPI policy for his account and asked me to send a copy of his policy document. Unsurprisingly I do not have his policy document from 30 years ago . On trawling the internet I did discover than prior to 1994 Barclays ( Barclaycard) sold PPI through negative optionality which meant you had to tick a box if you did NOT want it , otherwise they au
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