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  1. Thanks Andy. The trades brought in eg builders and fitters have done a very poor standard of work for us. So many build errors noticed by ourselves that we brought in Building Control. With every fault being rectified, another 2 are 3 are identified , which further sets us back. We began build end October 2018, and still waiting for completion. Wall ties not fitted properly, where actually fitted, if at all. Steel beams not welded properly, or painted with bitumen, or lined with 15mm fireboard, all in the engineers drawings. Failure to prop properly when removal if br
  2. 9 months into build of our extension. Structural damage to my home, fault after fault, non compliance to building regs, failure to build to engineers drawings. Continually one step forward then two steps back. Can I get closure on the basis that its been 9 months and they seem either unwilling or unable to comply. Surely a contract isn't one sided, they promised to supply/fit in 4-6 weeks back in October 2018.
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