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  1. Ok thanks. Are you able to advise on the specific point I raised regarding the debt with Prac / BWL? Thanks
  2. Lenders have criteria based on credit history, e.g. if X defaults in last 2 years, Y rate will be provided. If I have arrears on my account which have not been settled, it puts me in one of the higher cost brackets. I've seen the lending criteria documents myself from several lenders.
  3. Thanks for merging the threads. I didn't get round to submitting the IRL complaint for some reason unfortunately. I called BWL to clear the debt because I need it marked as 'satisfied' or ideally removed in full from my credit file, otherwise the additional cost of mortgage will be significantly higher than the £350 owed. Have you any idea why the account may have been closed / is it likely anything to do with ICL going in to MVL? Thanks
  4. Hello, I took out a payday loan for £350 back in 2016 with Payday UK and was unable to pay it back. The debt has been with Prac Financial / BW Legal since then, but curiously showing on my credit file as '5 months in arrears' ever since (last 4 years). Today I called up BW Legal to clear the debt in full, but was told the account had been closed this month (I think he said on the 16th). He couldn't give any reason why the account had been closed. Does anyone know why the account might have been closed, and should I assume it is also close with Prac Financia
  5. Thanks very much guys. I'll get the LETTERS sent out ASAP
  6. Hello I'm about to start multiple claims for PDLs due to irresponsible lending. My first step is to gather all data on loans taken out, amounts, interest, repayments, etc. which I will do by raising a Access Request with each creditor (or administrator). Is this the correct first step? I've had loans with each of the 'brands' listed below, and have attempted to gather contact details where possible... Brand Owned by (today) Contact Contact (alternative) Payday UK Instant Cash Loans (IC
  7. Thanks for the response DX. I actually tried that as well on my call to BW Legal. They said they could / would not amend my credit report retrospectively, even if they receive full payment. They would only update to show as settled as of the month it was paid.
  8. I have 5 defaults from 1 - 2 years ago, so I'm having to go the adverse route. A condition of this is no arrears within the last 6 months, which I assumed to sound fair enough?
  9. Hello New member here. Just spent a good few hours reading through the many PDL reclaim posts (and the PDF guide) - thanks so much for the incredibly valuable information. I met a mortgage adviser last week as I planned to buy my first home in September 2019. I've spent the last 12 months cleaning up my credit file, cleared all outstanding debts, and have no late / missed payments or defaults within the last 12 months. However, the mortgage adviser found a debt in arrears on Equifax (I only checked Experian myself). The debt is from an outstanding
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