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  1. I got a letter in the post today saying “that your account referenced above has been referred to us by American Express services to assist resolving the outstanding balance” They go on to ask for an immediate payment or if I can’t to contact the team to find a solution. i can also log into a website and do an income and expenditure review. Any advice as to what to do next? Are these guys different to a normal DCA?
  2. Thanks Andy. No content in the email apart from please ring us. It has been my googling of Brachers for past dealings that has lead me to think all of this. Is is it an usual to be contacted by them?
  3. Hi, I have a thread running in the debt management section about my overall situation. I now need some advice about my Amex situation. I defaulted on my Amex about a month ago after a couple of months of non payment. Amex opened in 2014 £9500 debt on it First I had AIC chasing me. I ignored all communication. Today I had an email from Brachers solicitors. I’ve immediately been googling and it seems these are legitimately solicitors that work for Amex not some dca. Every mention of them in a forum seems to be about an actual court case and I read something (although it was from 2005) saying that they are very litigious and known for doing statuary demands! So I’m pretty nervous about this development. i guess this is not something to be ignore unlike AIC. So questions- Are Brachers solicitors something serious I need to worry about? Unlike DCAs Does it seem like Amex are preparing to take legal action against me? (Everything I read said Amex rarely do this so wondering why they have picked me?!) Is a Statuary Demand likely to come? (I read all about ccjs before but had no idea this was even a possibility until I googled Brachers) What should I do now? They asked for a phone call but I know not to do that. What letter should I send and should I send it to them or Amex? should I try and setup a payment plan? I guess there is not much sense in a CCA request as it’s only from 2014 I have a 3 month old baby. My personal income is 0 and my partner is currently out of work with mental health issues. I do own a property (with a mortgage). I can’t afford much but could scrape together something for a monthly payment to them. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. Debt feels like such a dirty secret so it feels quite liberating for being able to talk about with people. Thankfully I am basically up to date with my priority bills. I think I am going to continue ignoring the two debt chasing companies. I’ll take the advice given and send a letter using the template on here offering a small payment for the two cards that have not defaulted. I’ll expect them to both default and be sold on but at least I can say I offered to pay. Then see what happens next. And that means the clock to statue barred starts going as London1971 said. I’ll definitely make sure my address details are up to date. I’ll update this thread if there are further developments or I think of any more questions.
  5. Thanks Andy. I will post on the appropriate forums with the specific debts. I guess I’m still interested of anyone has any advice on looking at my situation as a whole. As my credit rating is now rock bottom due to defaulting on one card is there a strategy that makes sense on defaulting on the other two now and hoping that I can make six years without getting ccjs against me. Or is that a hopelessly naive and optimistic idea? How likely are these debts to go to court? The other option is trying to scrap along making minimum payments. Which I’m not sure is possible or not. Or I suppose setting up a payment plan of some kind? Also so would it help my future recovery to have one credit card still in use or will it not make that much difference? I would like a clear overall plan In my head. Rather than just ignoring everything which is what i have irresponsibly doing before.
  6. Hi, I’m looking for some help with my debt. Normal story of everything ticking along nicely and then my pregnancy coincided with my partner having some serious mental health issues. He lost his job. We thought we would use credit cards to see us through and it all snowballed. We have been making minimum payments but the situation recently got worse and I’ve already had one debt defaulted and passed to AIC. I have three main creditors. £9500 Amex credit card. Opened 2014 Defaulted and card closed. Sold to AIC I’ve ignored all communication £9500 MBNA Opened 2017 Will hit 3 months non payment on sept 7th and threatening closure then £7000 Barclaycard Opened around 2003/2004 Will hit 3 months non payment on sept 17th and threatening closure then 02 phone contract £350 sold to ccs collect I’ve ignored all communication 1300 overdraft from Barclays Bank (recently halved that from 2600) Barclays is my my only bank account Questions Is it worth me asking for a CCA from the two accounts that were opened in 2014 and 2017. What would I achieve by this? I think it is definitely worth Asking for a CCA from the Barclaycard. I actually originally had a Barclaycard gold and then they shut that card down and automatically sent me platinum would that affect the agreement between us? I never agreed to anything for the new card. I’m trying to work on an overall strategy. My credit is shot already as the American Express card has defaulted and closed. Should I let the other cards default as well? Then ignore the debt companies, hope that no one takes me to court and that my credit clears in 6 years or is that too risky? How likely are the companies likely to try and put CCJs against me? I really don’t want those. Is it sensible to try and keep one line of credit open as it would make my credit score easier to rebuild with one positive credit card. Or is that pointless and just tackle that in 6 years when the defaults drop off. Regarding my overdraft. Barclays is my my bank and my mortgage is with them as well. What are they likely to do? I’m happy to make payments but they won’t let me setup a payment plan without doing a full income expenditure report. I don’t want to do that as it feels invasive plus my financial situation is complicated. In theory my personal income is 0 as I have a 3 month old baby. Thank you in advance for any help
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