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  1. Hi Thanks for your advice. Ive asked Huawei to look at it again, there is no physical damage to the Handset just a small crack starting from the power button. John
  2. Hi Ive had the phone since April 2018 shortly after launch. I had just moved house and was fully expecting their jiffy bag to arrive before I went on holiday. Photographing the hand set and then putting it out the way just seemed the easiest thing to do. John
  3. Hi Everyone I have an Huawei P20 Pro contract handset on Vodafone and the display suddenly stopped working. I called Huawei to book it in for repair and they asked me to photograph the Handset brfore sending which I duly did. I then went on Holiday for a fortnight and when I returned the return jiffy bag had arrived so I posted it off to SBE Huaweis repairer. A few days later I get and unexpected quote for repaur from SBE. After asking for pictures the handset now has a crack in the display starting from the power button. So I get back on to Huawei thinking it will be no problem because I pictured the handset before sending. Huawei will not accept my photographs as proof of condition as they want photographs immediately prior to sending so that they can claim Royal Mail. Can anybody advise where I stand here my pictures are clear and dated after I booked in the repair with Huawei. John
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