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  1. Had an email from junction city cars today to tell me it is all my fault and their lawers will be in touch soon
  2. I am also waiting for trading standards to get in touch as i reported this to citizens advice and after hearing the whole story said they would report it to trading standards who should be in touch within 5 days
  3. Actually The car had a 6 month nationwide warranty and the price was what i paid after my trade in had been deducted and i have since then bought another car from a showroom this time and am very pleased as it suits y condition. When they agreed to cancel i went ahead and bought another
  4. I reported this to fraud Scotland who have now passed it to police scotland who now are going tl send an kfficer to interview me and then they will transfer the case to the appropriate English polce force
  5. No not really also i must be on oxygen 24/7 although i can get out and about i must have an oxygen supply with me and they only last a few hours and i cannot stay away from home overnight without my oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, spacer and other equipment
  6. Thank you very much for your help i have already left a review on trust pilot and nothing cane of that what i do not understand is how junction city cars can have so many 5 star reviews and they are verified by autotrader
  7. I hzve already been on to autotrader as they recommended this dealer and okayd all of junction city reviews when i contacted autotrader they said they would look into it and let me know never heard anymore
  8. I would Definitely consider taking legal action if i could afford it my doctor told me last year i would be dead by August but i have no intention of proving her right
  9. I have a partner who can take up my case the garage does know of my health issues but it makes no difference to them they still do not reply to emails . I have a ready sent a registered letter demanda return of my money
  10. I bought it on line as i am disabled and junction city cars had great 5 star reviews this was the first time buying a car on line
  11. The car was paid for by bank transfer i have contacted my bank but therecis nothing they can do i also contacted citizens advice
  12. Hi i am ozzy 16 i am a year old pensioner with a terminal lung disease and not expected to live beyond August. On the 4th june i bought and paid for a car from junction city cars Dewsbury delivery was promised for the following Sunday no car has arrived another 4 dates were arranged but the car was not delivered at this stage they stopped answering emails and telephones after a couple of days they called to tell me that the car had a problem with the injectors and I could either wait until it was repaired or i could cancel the deal which
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