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  1. Thanks for your assistance guys. While I look into getting the COs set aside, I have met a mortgage broker and will go ahead with a secured loan, in order to quickly get the funds for my dear wife's treatment. That takes priority above all else, the rest I will research into and deal with later, by going through all of the old paperwork. If nothing comes of it, so be it, I would just settle the COs at a later stage. Thanks again guys, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  2. The only defence I could use is that the CCA1974 Agreements are unenforceable. Is that an acceptable defence? I would obviously need to somehow quickly obtain details of why the Agreement is unforceable.
  3. Thank you dx100uk. No, the property is only in my name, and yes all of the three credit cards are in my name also.
  4. I have been tearing my hair out searching for information on the web. Finally (!!!) I came across this huge and exceptionally promising looking site. I learnt a while ago that some Agreements for credit cards under the CCA 1974 are unenforceable. To cut a long story short, as they say, I am attempting to draw out funds from the equity in our property in order to secure natural treatments for my dear beloved wife. (The NHS have genuinely done all that they could, but their funds being limited, there isn't any hope that they can do any more). There are a myriad of Natural (proven) cures for my beloved wife. Alas, I discovered that there are three credit card charges on my property, going back many years. These cards were all started in the 1980's and early 1990's, and were all under the CCA 1974. I offer my sincere apologies that I have not read through enough of the threads on this site, to be able to find the answer which I am seeking. I am desperate to get things moving in order to get the funds for the treatment. I fear I might already have confused folk here. So here goes: Is there a quick-ish way to get the charges removed from my property, which were placed there after Court hearings at which I was 'advised' to just agree, as I was unable to repay, many years ago. I read on another website that a form AP1 should be sent to the Land Registry, detailing that the Agreement is unenforceable so the charges should be removed. That sounded too simplistic so I moved on. Naturally, I will be enormously grateful for any suggestions or guidance on this matter. I accept that I may have rambled on a bit, but folks, I am frantically attempting to find a solution to remove the charges so that I can quickly utilise those funds to get treatment for my dear wife. Perhaps the answer is already here somewhere. If so, I would be grateful for anyone pointing me in that direction. Thank you.
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