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  1. Good evening I filed a claim online today. BankFodder, I apologise I didn't request help with filing the claim. I am under huge pressure with work and had to spend 4 hours yesterday and 10 hours today solidly putting my claim together. I was overthinking about posting on here as I did not want to make anything public that would affect my claim and was worried by putting blow by blow preparation up here that Elite would have the details of my claim before I was ready to submit it. I read and worked through the pre action protocol and relevant practice directions. I think they were 16E and
  2. James_P thank you for letting me know about this. Incredibly upsetting to read but it is helpful to have seen it. BankFodder don't worry, I'm staying on course.
  3. Will do thank you. That will leave me time to do some work and get the pre action protocol paperwork done. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks.
  4. Awesome! Thank you BankFodder. It will be collected on Tuesday pm and tested on Wednesday, I will know more on Wednesday and update here as necessary. I really do appreciate your back-up on this. What is helping me keep a cool head and not panic is because at the end of this I want other people to see it can be done and not to be put off by scare tactics. Thanks.
  5. This is 1 of 3 updates. Could you please read and offer me your advice? Thank you. Update 1 I sent a letter before Action on Wed 24/7: Update 2. I sent an email on Wed 24/7 advising of additional costs. Update 3. I have just received this from Lawgisitcs by email:
  6. Hi Chuffnut. Thanks for your interest in this. The symptoms have always been the same. I am getting an inspection carried out to document the fault and will update here when this has been done.
  7. Thank you BankFodder - I'm learning a lot here. Funnily enough, in my effort to be as open as possible, I have caused confusion and not made things clear, so I am learning the benefit of being succinct. So I have emailed a letter before action and am following up with posted copies before 5pm today. I will email Elite today about my intentions to trailer the car to another vw indie specialist and get a written assessment and adding these to cost of claim. I will sign up to money claim and get the partics of claim ready to serve. I will be in touch with any developments or drafts to
  8. Thanks BankFodder. I also sent him the video when I rejected the car on 22/7. I will let Elite know now, my intentions and costs for next week. Shall I ignore the lawgistics or copy them in? I have the two detailed invoices, which I had also sent to Elite for their records. Yes it's all about the same fault. Thanks
  9. Thank you BankFodder. After last week's several occurrences, I have an 11 minute video of me driving and the fault occurring. I used a Canon sureshot attached to the passenger headrest to film it. You can hear my voice, the lense is on the dashboard so my face can't be seen. There may be a slight reflection at one point but I believe I cannot be seen in this. Believe me the juddering is worse than it looks, but you can see the rev counter jarring up and down and I have kept a steady commentary of what I and the car is doing. I have just now sp
  10. Hi Bank Fodder, I'm confused and really concerned now. The problem first started 12 days after we bought the car - juddering, ABS and engine management light. I reported the problem and was told to go through warranty company. The fault kept happening every couple of weeks throughout the time it took to get it to 2 garages and agree a repair. I did ask the dealer what happens if the repair doesn't fix the problem. He said its down to garage to find and fix the fault if it does then it is the end of the matter. So he has taken on the repair but it hasn't fixed the problem. As it is happening ev
  11. Hi king12345 Thanks for your reply, it has been on a VAG machine and they couldn't find the problem. It has been intermittent, happening every couple of weeks, never when it's been in the garage typically. Thank you BankFodder I shan't respond. I will go through with the rejection despite their response through a legal representative. I am trying not to be intimidated and just keep telling myself to expect unpleasantness along the way. It seems like a lot of miles but it has been driven about 40 miles a day most days to and from work since it was bought and the fault has occur
  12. Thanks Andyorch. I had checked them out previously as Elite use their PDI checklist form.
  13. Hi, I sent a letter before action at 0928 and just now received an email letter disputing claim and dismissing it. Can you advise please? Thank you. Letter contents below:
  14. Thanks BankFodder The vehicle loses power and starts juddering while being driven. It was diagnosed as the EGR valve. This was repaired. The fault has re-occurred. (Is this enough info?) I will include offer for him to inspect. Thanks for the heads up. I have use of another vehicle. This one has been off the road since 19/07/2019 and I've no intention of using it.
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