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  1. Hi Conchy_joe, Your correspondence helps out a lot I will post off the proforma letter today to get the ball rolling before the deadline. Yes, I was using GP as a DMP. Absolute crooks. I still have all the statements with Sterling stated on it and all the sums. I joined in 2001 and they were sneaky to put it in the small print on the statement but only started itemising it further down the line. Even at that, they were different amounts month to month. Fingers crossed! I have been told previously when I tried to clam again with GP that time had lapsed
  2. I have started to raise an online case through Resolver. When I type in Sterling Insurance, Covea magically appears. Would you advise contacting them via Resolver or by letter to Stirling? I am worried about the deadline date on the 29th August. Also, the letter template and interest wording you used? Do you have any advice? My claim is similar to yours 2001-2008 £16.88 per month. I understand that a percentage will be offered but anything is better than nothing. Also. I have all original documentation to hand. Kind Regards
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