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  1. I am unsure what this means in legal terms, could you elaborate please?
  2. However my main concern is what legal protection do I have? Their email doesnt actually offer any reassurances that the CCJ will be set aside if I pay, so I am concerned that it is just a [problem] to get their money.
  3. Thanks. I have the court hearing on the 29th July so action does need to taken. My main priority is getting the CCJ removed as I am in middle of a mortgage application.
  4. In my cover letter to the court, I already agreed to pay any outstanding charge provided I was guilty (which I probably was). My main concern is I pay £190 and then the CCJ isnt actually set aside, it is just marked as paid (satisfied) which isnt what I am looking for. I am also interested to find out that if I am successful can I claim back the £255 I paid. So rather than paying £445 I actually only pay the parking charge (which I will dispute the full value also)
  5. Hi all, I fell upon this forum while searching for some answers regarding a court hearing I have in 7 days and I was hoping that someone could clarify some information for me. The background A CCJ was issued against me by Gladstones Solictors on behalf of UK Car Parking Management in Oct 2018. I vacated the property in October 2017 and the original ticket was issued in July 2017. I found out about this in May 2019. I applied to the court via a N244 Application and provided them with a well written letter along with evidence that I had departed the property in October 2017 and thus didnt have a fair opporunity to return a claim form. I received a letter from my local court offering me a date very quickly. Considering the above I am confident I have grounds to have the CCJ set aside and am confident I will be successful. Today I received an email from Gladstones Solicitors offering me a settlement via a consent order (attached) However I am unsure where I stand legally. Questions What is the process with a consent order? Am I guaranteed that the CCJ will be removed via the judge on the basis I pay and sign a consent form? Am I better to appear before the judge rather than settle? If I appear at the court hearing and the case is ruled in my favour, is it likely that I can request to be compensated for the £255 fee? Thanks in advance,
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