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  1. Update. They wrote again saying they were sorry that they'd sent me the letter saying my data was ringfenced.. it was destroyed in april this year.. Do I believe them? Can I get any further with this? Have reported to the ICO
  2. Thanks.Just putting in the complaint now! Thanks for all the help
  3. Ok, I will do that.. How can something go from being non-existent to 'ring fenced' for destruction at a date that's already passed? Will the ICO make them give up the goods? hope so!
  4. Update. After being SAR'd Blemain write this: Thank you for your request etc. Your data falls outside of our retention periods which have been set in accordance with law and regulation. Your data has been ring fenced for deletion and is in the process of being destroyed as of the 26th April 2019. This explanation has been sent in accordance with guidance issued by the ICO If you are not satisfied you can raise a complaint etc. I have also got another letter saying they can't find any record of me and could I supply account number, address, date o
  5. Update. Blemain still say all records destroyed. They've phoned me a few times but I won't speak to them prefer to keep it all in writing. Sent the SAR to the director as advised.. Will see what that yields. Thanks all.
  6. Thanks I will send the SAR again to the Director (at the same address though) Cheers
  7. I sent one to Together Money- who are Blemain I believe? Unless there's another address ? I sent one by post to the address on the Together site...
  8. Together Money have informed me the account is too old to be SAR'd... Should I take them at their word? (by email) thanks again
  9. Thank you, so that's basically from now? I don't hold out much hope of them digging out my papers and they've already said there are no records, but I will see what the SAR throws up. Thanks again
  10. What are the rules on reclaiming unfair charges when the loan is so old? Is there a statute of limitations? as in 6 years? I only just realised I had the loan when I got my SAR back from the bank, which was about 3 weeks ago. I had forgotten all about it....otherwise would have tried to claim ages ago! Thanks again
  11. Thank you, I have been reading through the threads. I have just sent an SAR to Together. Thanks again
  12. Hello, New to this forum, so apologies if any of this has been covered. I've recently put in claims for PPI (as have so many!) and in doing so had a SAR of my old bank, which revealed details of a secured loan with Blemain Finance on my old flat dating back to 2001-2002 I have contacted Together Money but of course they say they no longer have the details. I have the account number, the address the charge was on etc etc I wish also to reclaim all the extortionate charges they loaded up the loan with. So, my questions are Do they really hav
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